Saturday, July 31, 2010

Blogs ..... they are a changin!!!!!!

Well two of my blogging buddies have switched bloggy homes ..... and I, being the copy cat that I am, have gone running after them. I think I like it so please join me (us) over at the new site ....

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Barefoot at the county fair !!! Well one foot was bare .....

You know it was a good day when I pay 25 dollars for theseAnd a sweet angel .... passes out ...............just plum tired !!!
We headed on down to the annual Sonoma County Fair today and had a blast!!! Edie, as I suspected, L.O.V.E.D. the rides ..... she was disappointed on more than one occasion to discover that she did not measure up for the height requirements. We were allowed to ride some of the rides with them but not others ..... and I will tell you this is yet another way that she is JUST. LIKE. HER. DADDY!!! The kiddy carnival is about as far as my riding goes ....I am a chicken!!! We did have a great time today though .....
Ella was a little freaked out and being so overtired did not help .....
She was so proud ... she kept waving out of both sides of this little truck ... like she was in a parade......
Ella didn't mind this one because it didn't lift off the ground...
We all enjoyed our fair burgers .... but who doesn't love a good fair burger. NO?
They are much better when you smear the mayo all over your face ..... like so!!!

Isn't this the sweetest little guy/girl !!!
Edie and Ella both loved the animals ..... we couldn't find the petting zoo this year but we saw plenty of farm animals ....
It sure was a licky little calf.....

*** disclaimer *** I do NOT love the mexi sandals !!! I was desperate !!! I SWEAR !!! You see, I buy my shoes in bulk. Two for Five Old Navy flip flops BFFs !!! I love flips, I live in flips .....and I obviously overestimate the ability of a good flip flop to withstand county fair conditions. So when my favorite flips busted as Edie and I excited the jumping jumbo ride, I was left in quite a predicament. There was NO WAY they were having any part of us leaving that fair to get me some shoes (and I was smart enough to NOT EVEN present that idea to them) ..... so Jon stayed with the wild and wide awake Edie for more ride riding and I strolled THROUGH. THE. COUNTY. FAIR. with a sleeping Ella and BOB with ONE shoe off. GROSS!!! I looked EVERYWHERE (I know I am YELLING alot but this is serious people) you realize there is so much tacky crap for sale at a fair ........ but NO flip flops???? Why ???
So anyhow ......I ended up finding those sandals and talked the guy down from $40 to $25 .....and even though I got majorly ripped off ..... I was happy to cover up my foot that was both filthy and a little blistered at this point because I was walking across HOT asphalt......

So don't judge me !!!

Friday, July 16, 2010

Call me what you will ......

Slow poke
Bad mommy blogger

These are just a few of the "nicknames" that you guys may be calling me lately! I have been terrible about keeping up with the blog ... but I have a VERY good reason. I have TWO 2 year olds ..... OMG!!!
They are into anything and everything at any and all times!!! It is fun and exhausting. A month or so back I switched their "school" days to Wednesday and Friday when Jon was home with them because he was getting annoyed and having a hard time "babysitting" them for 12 hours twice a week while I worked. So that left me with NO in ZERO days/hours/minutes to myself. Well I changed that back this week .... just so I can have one day to myself. That will restart this coming week and I can't wait !!!
I wish that I could have a video camera running at all time to catch the funny things that they say/do ...
Ella Grace is rolling full sentences off her tongue these days ...... examples!!!

Yesterday in the car she lost her sock ..... she yelled out "oh no where my sock go?" ..... there are many many phrases/words that pop out of her mouth on a daily basis that keep us admiring her genius!!

Edie too is a little talker, just not the chatterbox that Ella is. She does take after her mommy after all and Edie after her daddy. It is remarkable how much each of them are like us .... Ella is me in a miniature body and vice versa with Edie and Jon. So sweet!!!

We spend our days outside mostly .... weeding and pulling tomatoes that have not turned red off the vine.... tossing them like balls and hiding in the vines from mommy and daddy. Ella still thinks that if she hides and can't see you then surely you can't see her. It is funny. Jon told me tonight that he couldn't find her outside but he could hear her giggling ..... she had burrowed herself into the raised tomato bed, face down and was thinking she was hiding from him. Too much fun.

We went to Armstrong Woods yesterday. It's a great State Park here with awesome giant and majestic redwood trees. So beautiful. We went on the spur of the moment after we were already in the car so I did not have my camera and I am still kicking myself. It is so beautiful and they (and we) had so much fun. We will go back VERY soon and I will take pictures. These trees are unbelievable. GIANT!!! And there are even bigger ones North of us .... there is one you can drive through somewhere up there.

I promise to update more. I have been feeling quite guilty this week after talking to Auntie Kaye and her mentioning that she checks the blog about "every other day' ...... gasp!! Sorry ya'll!! I'll do better. Speaking of A. Kaye ...... she and I and the girls are going on a road trip in September and I am sooooo excited!!! Any and all Aunties are welcome to come along ... we will have too much fun!!! Can't wait!!

Now on to the cute little ones.....the blueberry lover!!
This is funny. Now keeping in mind, I am a Cardiac Nurse. I see some stuff, right??? I've walked in on blood and poop and blue lips, etc.....but nothing prepares you to walk into a room and find your sweet angel covered in giant red (what looks at first like gashes) marks. Now all my senses told me that it could not be terrible ......that is all except my Mommy sense. For a split second I could feel a little vomit in the back of my throat and my heart skip 61 beats ... but then calmness (aka Jon) took over and I realized that a red ink pen busted on her.
Seriously people ..... even my friend who saw us like 2 days later (because this CRAP does not wash off) wondered how she got all those "abrasions" ...... no joke. But, Ella is an artist .... she will draw for matter the medium. Paper, walls, skin, easel, ottoman, you name it!!!

We made brownies for daddy ......

Here she is in full on artist mode. I would not have come up with this easel painting idea on my own. We went to a party for our friend that turned 40 and they have their daughters easel set up in the garage so that she can paint on it with finger paints. Well Ella spent soooooo much time out there ... all the adults were commenting how occupied she was. So when we got home I drug our 5 dollar easel outside and it's her new favorite thing to do. It's so fun. I love it too because you just whip out the hose....spray.....and VOILA .......good as new....
Now this takes a little more than spraying .....

and my BFF Spray N Wash comes in quite handy!!!
Masterpiece !!!

Monday, June 28, 2010

We love Wonder Bread !!!

Last week the girls and I met my friend Rachael on our Town Green for a little fun. All summer long the greeen is packed with fun stuff to do ... Tuesdays are kids movie night with a giant inflatable "big screen" that plays a movie, Thursdays are Summer nights on the green with a Farmers Market and a different band every week then Sunday is the regular Farmers Market!!! Well Wonder 5 played this past week and OMG!!! There were thousands of people .... it was PACKED!!! We spread our blanket out waaaaaaaaaay in the back and could barely hear the music BUT we were next to the awesome fountain so we still had tons of fun!!!
Edie quickly snatched her little friend Liams nuggets while he was off splashing.
Ella snagged the fries ...
They pretended to be eating their lunchables when he was looking!
Serious cuteness .... crusty nose and all!!
Ella has finally been letting us put ponies in her hair .... I guess the 90 plus heat has gotten to her.
Poor Liam had NONE of his nuggets ....
My friend Rachael is from Louisiana as well ... she is a dietician at the hospital that I work. I joked with her about how to tell the cajuns have come to town because in a park with thousands of people and a street long fountain .... we were the only ones who let our kids get in. They sure had fun ....Liam and Ella BFFs!!!
Who cares if the water is "reclaimed"
She's off to steal more fries probably!!

Saturday, June 26, 2010

A little catch up!!!

Well goodness ... where on Earth have I been??? Time slips away so quickly!!! We haven't been up to much ... just playing and whining mostly!! Edie and Ella are doing and saying so many new things ... every day it seems like. One or the other catch us off guard on a daily sweet and smart!!
As you can tell they love to dress themselves lately ...

We painted outside today.... using some acrylic water based paints. More of it got on skin than paper though ..... it was a great time!!
Reloading the brush ...

Edie discovered "straw blowing" today ... fun times!!!

Isn't she lovely???
Making herself a mud puddle to jump in ...
a little whining never hurt anyone ..... however this may be an all out temper tantrum!!
Little daydreamer ...
Lovin some strawberry cool whip!!
I love their little lips when they suck through a straw!
Waiting for the breakfast orders to come in!
Cooking em up !!
They signed their own Fathers Day cards this year ....
Love the popsicle ... just waiting while she writes!!
She means business .... and she needed a haircut!! AGAIN