Sunday, January 31, 2010

What a difference 2 years makes!!!

Remember this????

And here we are now...

I NEVER in my life thought that I would own a vinyl tablecloth for a table that would reside indoors. However it turns out that I am very proud to say that I do own one. It does reside indoors. And it is fantastic!!! Oh was only 6 bucks at Target. It's terribly tacky but it does a great job ... so let's not judge a book by it's cover!

We had a great time with finger paints. I was super relieved to realize that they do clean up very easily...I was a bit nervous going in but it all worked out. We are happily accepting indoor activity ideas ..... our idea bin is running low!!!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

We have had a massive amount of rain here lately! Not flooding, ark building rain but enough to notice when you are cooped up with TWO TWO year olds!!!! Our fun has gotten creative!!! But we have managed to have fun indoors. Messes are plentiful!!! And thanks to my awesome new camera you can have a taste of the rain drops!!!

Aunt Kaye gave Edie and Ella an Aqua Doodle for Christmas!!! That has been great for some indoor water lovers!!! And their mommy....

And it's great because in the midst of all your doodling ... when you get thirsty ... you can just suck the water from the tip of the water pen!!!

And when your mommy hogs the doodle pad you can paint the wall with water......

Ella thinks we have the wine cooler temperature set too high ....."no mommy I think 55 is the right temp!"

Edie says ... "I agree with mommy .... 58 is just right"

They are making RNs smaller these days....

And a bit more evil ....muahahahahahahah!!!!

Ella loves to run!!! She will run from you or to you depending on what you have for her. If it's a toothbrush or diaper or PJs ...there she goes! If it's a cookie or juice here she comes......and she always has this look of ....well weirdness on her face. See for yourselves and nevermind the mac n cheese and ketchup crust.....

I had something else in mind for these V Day stickers....but obviously Edie had her own adorable agenda!!!

I had a CRAPTASTIC day at work today!!! That's the thing with nursing ... you really never know what's in store for you! You show up, get your assignment.....sometimes it's good and often times it's NOT!!! But it's a great profession. I am thankful to not worry about losing my job every day and I do realize that the patients that I have are having much worse days than me. But today we were working 3 nurses short and that stunk!!! HOWEVER I came home to a fantastic package. Now if you know me .... you know I LOVE packages. My husband being the sweetheart that he is ... knows this so well that even when he gets a package he saves it for me to open!!! I know huh!!! I've FINALLY got him sort of trained!!!! SORT OF!!! Well I came home to a super surprise from my SIL Kaye ....out of the blue!!! I have apparently made it clear to her and all that I love cupcakes and wine....even better when served together. So she sent me this.......

And with all the CRAPTASTICNESS .....I immediately put it to use........Thank you Kaye!!!! LOVE IT!!!

Monday, January 25, 2010

Rain Rain Go Away .... well it doesn't matter. Because we have GEAR !!!

Well I thought some of the best baby purchases involved things that made it easier to handle two babies ... ie, BOB, Bumbos, etc.... but thinking that would make me wrong. So far it seems the best things that I have purchased are rain coats / boots!!! They love them and wear the boots in particular from the time they get up to the time they go to bed ... NO. KIDDING!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Madame Butterfly says......Don't mess with my tutu !!!

No words needed really ... other than that Edie Claire loves to dress up!!

Splish Splash .... I love taking a bath!!!

It seems like just yesterday that bath time was horrible...especially with Ella Grace! Every time we would bathe her it was like we were pouring soap in her eyes or scalding her or both. Now she spends F.O.R.E.V.E.R. in the bathtub. She still screams sometimes but only when we are taking her out of the tub. She has all these cups that she methodically fills to the rim. She seems like she is working and taking it so seriously! It's fun to watch. She absolutely does not share her cups either. Poor Edie ... bath time is so boring for her.
Love the snot EVEN in the tub look!!!

Filling her cups .... so precise!!!

She even lets me do funny things to her hair!

WOW ... this is so cool!!!

Her bathtub "chem" lab ....

No not the weird foamy soap ... NOOOOOOOOOO!!! (seriously this stuff is gross...I thought it would be fun but it's just gross)!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

And we are back....

I am still having a little trouble with uploading pictures but I think it's blogger issues now. Thank you Kathy Lane ... clearing my cache and restarting my computer was just what I needed!!!
We have been having fun as usual here at Casa Marbut..... fun with some ridiculousness thrown in just to keep things interesting. Jon had his jeep broken into at work last weekend .... they busted out the drivers window to get to the radio, ipod and sunglasses. Of course it would be the week that we had the MOST rain in Sonoma County. Anyway, we got the window fixed and will replace the radio eventually, in all our spare time!!! People like that are just assholes....pardon my potty mouth but they are and there is no way around that!!!
Edie and Ella are loving their time at "school" ... they both wave bye bye when we drop them off and it seems they could care less that we are leaving. Their teacher Ms. Carol is great and they seem to really like her. There are a total of 6 children in the class so they get to interact with other tots. They finger paint, color, hula hoop, play ball, name it!!! She sends home a little report card every day with everything they did and all their artwork. So sweet!
Ella Grace had her first crazy girl tantrum the other day .... in public!!! We went to Home Depot while we waited for the jeep to be fixed ... since it was so wet/rainy out we thought that would be a good place to let them run around a bit. Well Ella had a ball!!! She ran and ran for about a half hour then we had to leave. She threw her little body down in the parking lot ... right in a water puddle of course. It was awesome!!! Then she did it again when we got home . She needed a nap obviously but it was a taste of what is to come. She is her momma's daughter for sure!!! I bought them raincoats / boots last week and I will post pictures of those later but I have to say ....STINKIN CUTE!!! They both wear the boots ALL. DAY. LONG. They put them on as soon as they get up, wear them for naps if we let's hilarious!!! Now some cuteness to hold you over until later or maybe tomorrow.....I have TONS of pictures to share so I'll have to break it up!!!! Prepare yourselves for too many updates!!!

Here is Edie stylin in her PJ/boot get up....this is part of the reason that I got them rain boots. I remember loving to play outside in the water/mud puddles as a child and I want them to be able to do that too. Just not at the cost of ruining every pair of shoes they own. Which isn't many by the way.

Ella running from ????

Ella Grace definitely picked up her table manners from her daddy....


New camera awesomeness !!! Mandarin Oranges.....