Sunday, May 30, 2010

Cooshie Tooshie!!!!

I must warn you. If you can't stand cuteness ... TURN BACK NOW!!! Since I had these undies on hand (thanks Marianne) ...... I decided to let Ella and Edie start to get used to wearing them. stinking cute!!!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Gosh has it really been 15 days???

WOW ... I just realized today that I haven't posted a thing here in 15 days!!! Goodness ... it's not like we haven't been rolling in barrels of fun though (sarcasm). These girls are taking the terrible twos and running with the phenomena!!! They (mostly Ella) kick, scream, push, pull hair, etc.....FUN.AND.GAMES.
It's great fun though because they are both starting to talk ... ALOT!!! Ella is a little chatterbox ... just one more reason that she is JUST like me. I do NOT pull hair though ... I have been known to kick and scream. It really is amazing how much they each favor us. Ella is a mini me ... she looks like me when I was a child, she is left handed, she is bossy, whiny, talkative, etc...
Edie looks JUST like Jon then and now ....right handed, laid back (mostly), etc.....
They are fun ... just loads and loads of work. Good thing they are so cute!!
I know I cut her eyes off here but I still wanted to share this picture ... she is so stinking adorable when she cracks up!!
The other day Edie brought this puzzle piece to me (you can string laces through it) and said, very matter of factly ....Pish !!!! I assured her that she was correct that is a fish. Well, later as I was walking up the stairs I looked down into the fish tank and ......there it floated!!! In her mind ... fish belong in fish tanks!!!
Shopping .....
So serious ....
Our back yard is looking fantastic these days .....when the sun is out anyhow. It is very out of the norm for us to still be getting rain this late in the year!!!
These are two things that Ella carries in her purse all times!!! My old cell phone and her cool Gap shades!!!
Edie ....isn't she adorable!!! They have a new love of band aids ....if they have ANY spot on their skin ....they will point and say over and over and over and OVER .....owie!!! Until I put a band aid on it. It's not uncommon for each of them to have an entire box of bandaids on them at any given time. Not really .... I do draw some lines .... but at least two per arm.
Sick little sweetie .....highest fever yet. 102.9. YIKES!!!
I'll tell you one thing I haven't been doing. Obviously!!! And that is cleaning out my pantry!!!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Fun in the sun ....but it rained today!!!

We have had a really nice streak of sunshine lately! Of course it rained today ... but we still had fun. Since Jon works every weekend night we did a little Mothers Day dinner on Thursday ... it was delicious!!! Steak, corn, asparagus and lemon cake with lemon icing!!! Who doesn't love lemon on lemon??? Ella Grace of course .... I am beginning to wonder if she is really my daughter. First cotton candy gags and now this ..... the outright refusal to eat lemon cake. The kid will eat rocks, drink water from the outside sink ... the same one she dumps dirt into to make "soup" and the same one Rubi loves to drink from ...... but she won't touch lemon cake. Oh well more for me!!!
I tried to edit this picture .....FAIL!!! It's antiqued and all .... I love those little t shirts!
Now back to the lemon cake!!! Can you tell I LOVE me some lemon cake??? Edie and Ella did help me with some stirring can all just about imagine how much "help" TWO 2 year olds would be in the baking process. But we had fun ......
While the cake baked we ate our dinner outside. I bought this awesome garden bucket thing for all the yard work I really need to get started on .....well Edie, as I suspected, had other plans for it.

After reenergizing with some corn she was off to do some gardening!!!
It tasted much better than it looked!!!

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Lovin Life!!!!! And our new clothes......

We got a fantastic giant box of gently loved clothes in the mail yesterday!!! From Finn and Chloe (and Marianne and Aunt Margaret too.....). Most of them are a bit big but some fit Edie and Ella now .....there is something to be said about the way Southern ladies dress their babes!!! Fantastic and Exquisite per Fancy Nancy!!
We chose to take the fantastic and exquisite clothes and ROMP!!!
We drank from "big girl" water bottles at the top of stairs....
We fed strawberries to baby dolls......isn't this the sweetest thing EVER?!?!?!?!?
We picked our noses with forks.......
We let the sun glisten our hair.......
We made funny faces.......
We let mommy wipe boggers from our fingers......
We let mommy take pictures of us between her is Mothers Day tomorrow after all!
We rode our (annoying) worm on wheels.......
And had major traffic accident. I mean, who has gravel as a backyard Mr. and Mrs. Previous Home Owners????
We made the best of the gravel and panned it for gold. BIG FAIL!!!
We stole Rubis Kong and ran with all our might!
We said .....pane, pane, pane, pane, pane, pane, pane, pane, pane, pane, pane, pane, pane.....and on and on and on until someone else acknowledged that there was, in fact, a PLANE flying over!!!
We gave our mommy a heart attack or SEVEN by pretending we would jump from the chair onto the CONCRETE before she could catch us!!!!

Saturday, May 1, 2010

We live in the best town!!!

The town we live in ROCKS!!! It's a small town right in the center of wine country. There is a fantastic "town green" and during the spring/summer months there are all sorts of weekly events. Every Thursday night there is music on the green ... a different local band every week and you can bring your own picnic and ice chest ... I think that is great because most events like that require you to buy the food and drinks they sell ...that gets pricey!!! I mean 3 dollar waters ....SERIOUSLY?!?!
I was super excited to find out there was a Cinco De Mayo (is that how to spell De?) celebration this afternoon. It is awesome to get the girls out of the house ....even though when it's just one of us with both of them it can get a little stressful keeping them roped in! But with our work schedules it is almost always "just one of us" there is no choice but to brave it solo!!!

Ella Grace has been obsessed with my old cell phone lately ... WILL.NOT.PUT.IT.DOWN! That and her baby ....she carries a baby doll around ALWAYS ....(it was in the stroller when this picture was taken). As a matter of fact the baby and cell phone and bear and "yight" aka little tykes light are asleep with her NOW. So today we were walking along and I turned around to check on her and this is what I found ..... is she texting? calling da -eeeee (daddy)???? As a really funny aside ....we were walking along a man was talking on his cell phone and Ella stopped in front of him, put the phone to her ear and said .... HeyYooo!!! (fyi ... hello) ... she was imitating cute!!!
One of the great groups that performed!!! Man ... this music is so festive!! LOVE IT!!!
Edie and Ella love to drink from water bottles and big girl cups ....Edie actually sticks her tongue in the glass/bottle and lets the water/juice touch it .... and often says Ahhhhhhhh!
Little wind blown Amish haircut orangutang .....LOVE HER!!!
screwing the cap back on ....
dancing and rehydrating....
put on my my my boogy shoes .......
"what do you mean you are taking a break?"
They had beer .....for sale....outside the public California!!! I had to have one, even though I don't really love beer .....just for principle. It made me very very thirsty!!!
See .....the tongue!!! She is so sweet ..... and looks so much like her daddy!!!!
people watching!!
food covered (and a little snot) sweet face!!!
We ate pizza with knives!!!
GIANT burritos .... this thing was at least 3 pounds!!! I ate a little, Edie ate ALOT and Ella ate some .....we still tossed over half a burrito!! I know we could have saved it but with TWO 2 year olds to keep track of ....the burrito didn't make it.
Ella suckered me into buying one of these obnoxious balloon things. FIVE bucks!!! Now ask me if she has touched it since I bought it ....or has she even looked at it again??? Ummmmm NOPE!!!
VERY shortly after this picture was taken she knocked this entire display over. I think it was the wind but I think the sweet Spanish speaking man thought it was her ....or at least I think that is what he said!!!