Thursday, August 28, 2008

Summer 2012

I know....I know we are a little behind with the Olympic post - what with the big hoopla wrapping up nearly a week ago already -- but we have had some olympic like activity happening around here. Olympic diarrhea - ing!!! Yep... E squared have gotten their little hands around their very first virus. Ella seems to be pretty much better...she is still milking the whiny love but oh well. Edie made a trip to super cool Dr. B this morning.....he confirmed "it's just a virus". I decided to bring her because it was her 2nd day with a fever and diarrhea with no end in sight. I try not to panic like a "rooky mom" but......well it's better to be safe than sorry.
I don't know if anyone happened to notice some of the completely absurd olympic sports......namely Olympic men's trampolining. Seriously!?! What ... you don't believe me? Check it out.......
Well, we were thinking people would much rather see things like.......Say

Olympic cuteness..........

How about olympic baby "crawl" racing.....yes this was staged
How about a little olympic synchronized bottle holding??????

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Recent studies have shown..........

It turns out, they left another important tidbit out of the instruction manual that came with these babies. You should never turn your back because you never know where you will learn valuable information. It just so happened that today I got some shocking information and I just might have to write an angry letter to the baby owners manual author and/or publisher for leaving this information out. I should preface this information that I am about to share with this.......I always say they make 'em cute for a reason (meaning the babies) well the same holds true for little old ladies!!!
So, Ella and I went out to Costco and the supermarket this afternoon and left Edie home with daddy. As she and I were standing in the check out line -- well she was lying in her carseat. Anyhoo.....we were minding our very own business when this adorable little busy body elderly lady decided she should come around and check out the blue eyed beauty I had in my cart. Harmless enough. Right? Wellllllllllllllllllll.
busy body blue haired cute lady: oh how cute.
me: thank you very much.
ella: nothing -- she doesn't talk yet.
busy body blue haired cute lady: my he sure is handsome.
me: sh
busy body blue haired cute lady: what a handsome little boy. (to Ella) you sure are a handsome little boy.
me: nothing.....i mean what's the point?
Now refocus and look more time. All girl right??????????
But wait there is more. This cute little lady shared with me what could be some life saving advice. I guess I shouldn't make too much fun of her.
Did you know that they are finding the cause for the recent rash of cataracts that babies are getting? It's because we have no ozone you should NEVER and she repeats NEVER take a baby out without shielding their eyes. Yeah seriously......infant cataracts. Who knew? Also, all those shots they give to babies.....well, well, well. Did you know that"it used to be 1 in 2000 and now it's 1 in every 300 babies CATCH autism from all the shots. It's the murr curry (aka mercury) so make sure to ask for the ones that don't have murr curry"!!
Now don't you agree.....I mean shouldn't they have included that in that book?
She was a sweet little lady......who meant well......but that does not make her immune from my teasing!!! Now here are some cute pictures of my little handsome son Ella......
And to keep all feelings unhurt........Edie too
A little after dinner relaxation...I mean does it get any cuter than this???

Monday, August 18, 2008

Milk beards and afros........

Ella Grace wearing her big haired afro wig (it's a straight hair afro).....(click on the picture to enlarge and it looks more like it's hair on her head)(check out those awesome baby blues while you're at it) Here is Rubi (aka straight hair afro wig) babysitting.......she's the only one we have used to watch the girls so far....she is very trustworthy!!!
And so she doesn't feel left out.........Edie Claire!!!

Friday, August 15, 2008

It's raining...It's la la de dah!!!

Here is Ella Grace giving a fabulous demonstration of how are lives are these days........ we are being flipped upside down. So we've been casually going about this house buying know with the market what it is and all. It's a good time for us to buy.......basically to take advantage of other peoples sad as that is. If you are reading this and are one of the unfortunate ones.......we are sorry. So we got pre approved for our loan in a mere TWELVE WEEKS -- slow poke Mr. we won't mention any names.....but it starts with a W.ells and ends with a F.argo! So anyhoo -- that's all done. We have a realtor that we both like very especially because he is nice enough to let me talk his head off.....I mean when you engage in goo goo gaa gaa all day become desperate for adult convo and the first person that will listen........well, feel sorry for them. So we have looked at a few houses and plan to see a few de dah......T.H.E.N. we get a call today saying we have 60 move.......that's right SIXTY we must find a house, make and offer on a house, have offer accepted, hopefully get a nice short close, pack this house, clean this house, unpack new house (well that part doesn't have to be rushed)(but for dramas sake) UNPACK NEW HOUSE,.........well you get it. And have I mentioned that I have not 1 but 2 babies......both of whom require alot of upkeep. So here we are........counting they allow you to set up cribs under the bridge????????? How about they take pets?

Hey......where did you come from???????
fingers are oh so yummy yummy yummy........for my tummy tummy tummy.........
Rubi -- guarding her herd.........actually she is babysitting while I search the WWW for a new home.........she's requesting a large yard........and all the frisbees she can catch!!!
E squared is doing great. Edie is still sleeping in her crib.......phew!!! She wakes up 2-3 times each night still to eat but falls right back to sleep. When you lay her down she kicks up her right leg and flips over onto her belly and sighs.....almost every time. Too damn cute!!! Ella still sleeps with me.......I like it!!! I am nervous about putting her into her own bed because she wakes up so much until I go to's like she doesn't like to be alone in the bed but once I am in bed she sleeps longer..............excuses, excuses I know........
So things are good here.......getting a little stressed but nothing a little baby love can't fix. They are darling ------aren't they!!! Wish us luck and send cash (just kidding about that)(the cash part that is)(we need the luck)

Monday, August 11, 2008

This. That. The other.........

It's hard to believe we are pushing the 5 month mark with these blue eyed beauties. The time. It is a flyin. Sleep was H.E.L.L. last week with little miss...well we won't mention any names but it starts with an E and her middle name is Claire...anyhoo. Little miss decides she must wake up every 1/2 to 2 hours.....A.L.L. W.E.E.K. L.O.N.G!!! So I got the bright idea of trying to put her in her crib to sleep. You see they have been co-sleeping with me this whole time (i know what you're thinking and frankly i don't care)(with all due respect)(when you take care of 2 babies by yourself. on no sleep. did i mention there are 2 of them)(mr. american academy of pediatrics) now...... what on earth was i saying? So we go about our normal bedtime routine - which is worth it's weight in Starbucks (coffee is way more important than gold these days) -- I give them their bottles then I pick little Edie up and put her in her crib and she just rolled her cute little self right on over and started sawing logs. Then the next night..... oh boy! It worked again. And we are on night 3 and she is in there sawing. GENIUS. I will work on Ella next week -- don't want to push my luck. Now don't get me wrong -- they both still wake up to eat 2 times/night but we all go right back to sleep. And since I have a huge chunk of the bed back I can actually sleep------- it's been a nice change!!! Who knew? The things they don't put in the "how to care for baby" manual. Now on to the good stuff...........
Just for old times sake......aaaaawwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww
Look at this......... the top outfit (our absolute favorite that we can never part with)(came from Jons sisters)(we have 2) was what they could fit into merely 5 months ago.....and the bottom they can wear now........unbelievable. Right? I mean it's only been 5 months.
Here is the log sawer..........
Oh mommy!!! Come on. I'm naked here..........
The new oilcloth bibs --- we were ruining all our cute cloth bibs with this organic baby food. I don't know maybe regular baby food stains just as bad. Maybe worse. What with all the pesticides....geez!!! We are soooooooooo Northern California. It's organic or nothing for these hotties. Just kidding....well sort of. Our pediatrician, as I have mentioned before, is super laid back. Doesn't get caught up in all the bull floating around out there made up just to scare us new mommies.....BUT when he gave the ok to start solids he recommended feeding them organic baby food and if I make it to use organic veggies. Since he is NEVER quick to recommend these types of things -- I figured it would be good to listen. I planned to make their food but it hasn't quite worked out yet. I needed a good reason to buy that beautiful. new. shiny. cuisineart food processor. right? (have I mentioned how I love the informality of the internet)(can my punctuation get any crazier?)(I LOVE IT)(just FYI..... I do know correct grammar. it's just more fun this way) to make a short story long. Here are the cute bibs! Notice Rubi in the background patiently waiting for some chin licking the second I turn my back..........
Peek a Boo........ I see you...............Edie Claire!!!
Hey you.....over here. Snap a picture will ya!!!!!!!
We should have named her Johnnie...........spittin image!!!
Poor Rubi........nobody wants to play with her.
blue jeaned baby butts...........not a whole lot that's cuter than this!!!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

First beach party !!!

OK -- so we are a little bundled up. It's a Northern California beach party.......foggy!!! I took E squared to the 3rd annual "CTU summer party" on Saturday..... CTU is the unit I work on at the hospital. Cardiac Telemetry just FYI. Good times were had by all. My blue eyed beauties were a big hit of the party...... along with the yummy food and wine.
Here is Ella Grace -- not shy on the lap of a complete stranger. Edie seems to be a bit more apprehensive with people she is not used to. Ella just goes with it........
Edie napping...... "this beach party is boring"...........
Ella -- bottle propping while mommy takes her picture. We must keep the pictures even so noone feels left out. Right?
Edie with a coworker of mine -- another RN. Barbara. Her sweet dog Ed was behind them.
Ella with one of the party hosts -- Frank.
Now onto a completely different day. Here are some cute dresses that they have. We have LOTS of clothes....... first Ella
then Edie Claire

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Maybe it's the milk prices.........

I mean it's the only thing that I can think of. I don't generally buy milk since neither J nor I drink the stuff but I have heard that the cost of a gallon of milk has gone up. So maybe - just maybe all of those who were once milk drinkers but can no longer afford to indulge in the white, thick grossness are low on calcium. And maybe this calcium deficiency is somehow interfering with their nerve conduction causing them to say outrageous things and ask even more outrageous questions when they come in contact with me and BOB when we are out with E squared........ I mean do YOU have any ideas. I can't think of another explanation for the recent rash of stupidness we have encountered this week.
Remember kidnapper van lady. You know the one with the missing tooth off centered to the left. Asking me if "they were mine". Well -- today we were sitting in my favorite little mexican restaurant downtown (no I wasn't eating fattening mexican food. remember I am a fat baby mama). It was hot outside and I was having a nice cold diet coke while E squared finished up a little cat nap. So this developmentally delayed dude (must remain politically correct even though the guy was clearly retarded as evidenced by this convo) came over with his mouth still full of tortilla chips. He proceeds to talk (have you ever tried to whistle with saltines in your mouth)(as a joke -- not when you actually planned to talk to another person) - spraying his disgusting half chewed chips around. I mean thank goodness BOB was there -- with his oversized sun shades......protecting E squared. So here goes -- oh wait -- the best part. He was wearing electric blue socks with 1 orange and 1 lime green CROC......... no joke! Ok now -- so here goes........
electric croc guy: oh, twins!? (no big deal, very common question)(right?)
me: yeah. Two little girls. (didn't even leave room for the obligatory a boy and a girl?)
electric croc guy: my so and so's (some family member -- I don't remember because frankly I didn't give a croc) brothers sisters neighbor (or whatever) had twins and they were born a half a second apart.
me: WOW -- that's one fast doctor. (what else was I supposed to say -- can ANYTHING be done a half a damn second apart. Let alone birth children)
electric croc guy: so are you still with their dad? (what the hell kind of question is that? Is it too much to think that a woman can push her twin babies around downtown on a Saturday and still be married?) But like I said the guy must have been retarded. Right? NO NO NO I am not making fun of developmentaly delayed folks -- he wasn't REALLY. He was weird though.
Now the good stuff............ MUNCHKINS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here is Edie doing her "belly pose". She loves to roll over from her back to her belly and spends quite a bit of time doing so. A typical day consists of her rolling over, playing and yelling for about 1 minute, screaming and crying, me rolling her back, her immediately rolling back over........... you get the picture. 128 times / day. But it's cute and she has fun........

Here is Ella in her bathrobe.........
Here is Ella sitting. We don't usually wear our pants that high -- not sure what happened.
My name is Edie and I'm a sweetie............
My name is Ella Grace and I've got a pretty face..............
rolling eventually takes it's toll............
Edie and her miniskirt..........
Ella and her blue jeaned baby bottom