Monday, March 22, 2010

Finally BDay pics!!!

Well ... we have been BUSY!!! We had our birthday party last weekend then my dad came to visit this past weekend from Louisiana. It's been nonstop fun times at Casa Marbut!!! We are (read I am) exhausted. It's back to reality now ... but I did finally manage to get some of the professional pictures up for those of you who have not already seen them on Facebook. I have 2 tons of pictures that I will be uploading over several posts so stay tuned ... I really need to get caught up so I plan to be posting quite a bit this week .......hopefully!!!
First off FAVORITE pictures first!!! We haven't had a nice family pictures since they were 3 weeks old... and they have changed slightly. Me, not so much.....but aren't these great!!!

We had a candy buffet at the party ... all the kids loved it!!!

I love this picture of me and Edie kissing her and she me!!! So sweet!

The favor bags...

..and cupcakes!!!

This is soooooo Ella Grace!!!

Jon had a huge burger making production ...very methodical!!!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Birthday Party Fun!!!

Unfortunately I am having a great deal of trouble with my internet connection ... and the lovely folks at ATT are absolutely NO help. The computer lingo is already somewhat foreign to me and trying to talk to someone who has VERY POOR english speaking skills does not help any of us!!! So this post will be pictureless ..... FOR NOW!!!

We had a fantastic party for the little TWO year old beauties!!! Ladybugs and lollipops .....with the emphasis on ladybugs since I ended up having ZERO lollipops except for those on the invitations. We had a candy buffet which was a gigantic hit with all the little tykes ....and the big people too!!! A good time was had by all ...if you are on Facebook I have a few pictures there. For some reason it is much easier for me to upload pics to FB than Blogger. Go figure. You can send me a friends request if you want to because noone can have too many friends. And if you have enough FB friends .....well, add me anyways!!!

But never fear because we had a professional photographer here and as soon as I get the link to the pictures they took I will post it for y'all to see the awesomeness that is E Squared!!!

In the meantime I will continue to work on getting pictures here if it's the last thing I do.....I have NEVER been in a fist fight but Mr. ATT in India may be my very first opponent. I will get back on my in vitro meds so I can go all bat shit crazy if I have to Mr.

Stay tuned.......

Friday, March 12, 2010

Happy Birthday My Sweet Little Girls!!!!

I am ....
Amazed at the ways that you have changed our lives!

In awe of the intense love that we have for you two!

Baffled by the incredible changes that have taken place over these two years ... from newborn to teeny person!

Thankful that we did not give up our IVF journey!

Choked up about SO many different things! I can't believe you guys are TWO!

In love with both of you more than you could ever even begin to imagine. Even more than I could have imagined!

Happy SECOND Birthday Edie Claire and Ella Grace!!! March 13, 2008 was, hands down, the absolute best day of my entire life!!!