Thursday, April 29, 2010

Can I get a whoot whoot!!!

We had a GREAT day today!!!

First of all I must give a giant shout out to my super smart husband for passing his CCRN (Critical Care RN) exam. Yeah!!!

He took the test in San Francisco so E Squared and I drove him the hour to the city so he would not have to deal with traffic and parking (or lack thereof). It was a win-win situation because, well it was San Fran!!! It's awesome that we live so close and sad that we don't get there more often.

So, while poor Jon sat before a computer test for 3 hours answering really hard test questions, we played tourist!!! We walked ALOT around Pier 39.
Had fantastic/clear views of Alcatraz! It's often foggy so to have such a clear view is fab!
We watched and SMELLED (yuck, per Edie) the Sea Lions. These guys are awesome and if you ever make it to SF they are a MUST SEE/SMELL. They mysteriously disappeared last year but are back now. I could watch them for hours ...and by the looks of this guy he could be watched for hours.
We paid NINE dollars to ride the famous Pier 39 carousel!!!

We watched weird people strolling the pier ...
Tried to get a good picture of these flags. FAIL!!!
Ate cotton candy ...
or didn't !!! She gagged. Who gags at cotton candy?
Posed with gold men !!!!
Bought shoes ...
Paid outrageous parking fees !!!
Watched people not pay attention to rules ....
you can't see the sign in this picture, but it's right between those TWO backed in cars!!!
barely missed side swiping bus # 62
And when the people started getting shadier .....
and pimpier .....
we decided to heed the warning signs and turn around!
These streets are S.T.E.E.P.
LOOK ... it just drops off!!! Like STRAIGHT down!!!
There's Alcatraz again ... see it down there at the very very end!!
We passed the crookedest street in the world .....
and laughed at their signs. Seriously, you live on one of the most famous streets EVER and you don't expect noise. HOITY TOITY!!! So we waved to the nice people .....and blew our horn!!! (not really)

Fishermans Wharf San Francisco!!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

We love water!!!

My girls LOVE water. Especially Ella. She is constantly asking for "wah er". In the sink, the bath, a cup, a faucet outside or a hose....the girl is not picky. She loves her some wah er!!!

And picking her boogers!!!
And saying "cheeeeeeese".....
Edie likes to hold the water hose. She just stands and stares.....

Brush brush brush your teeth....

...brush 'em really good. Brush 'em brush 'em brush 'em like I told you that you should!!! That's our little teeth brushing ditty .....

Ella prefers diaper rash ointment over Toms Silly Strawberry toothpaste. I did stop her very shortly after these pics were taken ....but the girl LOVES to eat the ointment. What is up with that? Does anyone else have this issue?

Girls night ....with one boy!!!

Since it's such a challenge to find a babysitter (not that I have tried much)(but people feel more sorry for me if I say it that way) .... and Jon works EVERY weekend NIGHT .... my girls and I have started having people over. A couple weeks back we had my friend Kelly and her girlies over. Last night we had Rachael and her little one, Liam over..... even though he is a boy. Her mom lives in Louisiana and the last time she visited she made a bunch of etouffee (I really should know how to spell that)(but I don't) .... it's a yummy dish ... sort of a stew. It had a potful of CRAWFISH!!!! Oh yeah was good. Rachael even left the leftovers for me ...ahem Jon!!!
So we played and ate and drank wine and pink lemonade!!! Liam is a fun little guy .... all boy!!!
Ella supervised him ALOT......
supervising and rocking her baby.....
"did you see that? COOL"
a little distracted but holding tight to the baby!
Rachael .... her mom is a magician in the kitchen!!!
Liam .... isn't he sweet!!!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

How to make Spring soup.....

Ingredients: Sink full of water, dirt!
Never leave your baby behind.
Directions: Combine ingredients and stir with a fly swatter.


Monday, April 12, 2010


Well poor Ella Grace!!!! As we all know she needed a bang trim in a major way and since I have attempted several times in the past and botched them I decided to take her over to G.reat C.lips. Even though I would not let them touch my hair with a 10 foot pole. But she is TWO people and her hair grows faster then her fingernails. What is up with baby fingernails....????

The picture speaks for itself .... even though it only cost 7 dollars we got RIPPED off!!! But she may be able to snag a role in Kingpin 2 !!! No???


What happens when your mommy won't refill the carrot egg with candy for your sister????
Here's what

I'll try another tactic (with my new Amish style haircut).....maybe I can charm her into giving me some candy. Then I can scream ......."mine MINE mine" .......