Friday, February 29, 2008

My sister Tina sent this to me -- she made it for the babies !!! Isn't it the cutest thing EVER. I have seen these once before at a baby shower and thought they were a great idea -- and now I have my very own. There are lots of useful things tucked into the diaper cake but I am not sure that I could ever bring myself to diassemble it. Thanks Auntie Tina!!
I spent a good part of today looking for kelly green baby hats for the girls to wear on their birthday. I don't want them to be pinched for not wearing green. Well I was not successful BUT I did get bombarded with some rather annoying questions and comments. The sad thing is that the accoster was a store employee not a customer -- you would think she would know better. Those that know me well know that I have a hard time NOT being a smart ass -- but I have decided to bite my tongue more often -- the babies have ears that function now and I want them to think their mommy is perfect and not prone to sassiness (i am sure that is spelled wrong)!! Anyway, I walk into this store and get the usual ---- "awwwww... when are you due, how cute, etc...." I don't mind these questions but the more personal ones are getting to be ridiculous. So using my newly found politeness I try a couple of different tactics ie... not making eye contact, avoiding the side of the store that she is stocking, etc. Well she was not to be deterred --

"wow, 35 weeks, I am suprised you are out and about. Is it ok with your doctor for you to be out? Now come on lady -- what the hell. Do you honestly think if my doctor said I should stay home that I would be out looking for a green hat? I did not say this to her but it was so hard to smile and pretend that I did not hear her.

"I am suprised that you are able to move around so well -- aren't most twins born by now?" -- yes this was the same lady. I did reply to this -- I just wanted to let her know that many twins are carried to term and many mommies have no trouble carrying them. Don't worry I was nice -- but it was becoming increasingly difficult.

"you don't feel them much anymore huh!" -- " when my sister was pregnant with twins 27 years ago........." Well, as a matter of fact I do still feel them THANK GOODNESS because if they didn't move that would be bad and how in the heck can you not feel 10 pounds of baby dancing around in your abdomen??? What does your sisters pregnancy 27 years ago have to do with your prying into my business -- nosy lady???? Of course I did not say these things out loud and fortunately at this point I realized they did not have a kelly green baby hat and I (as politely as I could) said thank you and left.

Now while I can be sassy - I wouldn't say that I am mean. I am actually quite giving. I love being pregnant and don't mind answering the common superficial questions of perfect strangers because I do realize there is a fascination with pregnant women. I was warned that things like this would happen but I never realized to what extent. What possesses strangers to ask such personal questions? Why is it a strangers business if I used fertility treatments? I have read many other blogs and this seems to be a universal problem amongst pregnant women -- so maybe someone should write a book about it --not me I'm having twins remember and I am a nurse not a writer. It could be called something like -- questions that are appropriate for perfect strangers to ask pregnant women. (only give it a shorter more cleaver title).

Thursday, February 28, 2008

We have a birthday !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We have set a date for the debut of little Edie and Ella. On Monday March 17th they will arrive to join the St. Patty's day festivities!!! 12:30 sharp!!! Sorry for the "eye trick" shirt -- it may give you a headache. A few weeks ago the swirls were less confusing because it wasn't so tight BUT since these girls are plumping up the belly is making room for them.

And -- as you can see Rubi is bored with the whole baby thing!!!

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

I must have magnets in my belly !!!

I have mentioned before that it does not bother me that nearly everyone LOVES to rub my belly. It's like my belly is a magnet and everyone has metal hands -- they are just drawn to it. I am the same way -- I love pregnant bellies though I will never again touch one without at least first asking. It's the crazy comments and stories people feel compelled to share with you that really crack me up.

Jon and I went to the hospital yesterday for a coworkers "going away party". He was one of our nursing assistants here and is heading back to Mexico for various reason but he will resume his prior job when he gets there -- a pediatric surgeon. That is no lie!!! We will miss him.

So at this going away party there was a table filled with delicious mexican food -- chips, salsa, rice, beans, and egg rolls (go figure). When we arrived there was quite a line so I decided to wait a bit to help my self since it is difficult to maneuver this belly also I am quite clumsy and didn't want to knock anything from someones hands. Well - once the line went down I went back to the table and was cornered -- I will mention no names but it was an interesting barrage of questions that were thrown my way. VERY FUNNY!!!

funny questions #1

"so have your boobs started leaking yet?" -- was I really supposed to answer this question? just for the record NO they haven't!!!

funny story #1

"I remember when I was nursing and would take a shower and milk would just start squirting everywhere -- it was crazy" -- ok seriously, do you have to share such stories in the food line no less?

I know that people mean well with the stories and comments and I really do enjoy them BUT some of them need to be made (just a tad) fun of.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Why wives harm their husbands !!!

You know -- I can sometimes understand why wives take the law into their own hands when it comes to disciplining their husbands. I mean I am not saying I will physically harm my husband but man -- read the following conversation that took place between Jon and I yesterday -- keep in mind that I am over 8 months pregnant with twins!!!

Sam: "I am going to the store -- do you need anything?"
Jon: " No - I think I am good. Thank you!!"

As I open the door he continues

Jon: " ya know you are supposed to wear long pants and not capri pants when you are short"

OK -- remember I am HUGE having gained a massive amount of weight in a VERY short amount of time. I am hauling around over 8 pounds of HIS babies darn it!!! Needless to say my clothes no longer fit me. Even the size Large maternity pants. When I was newly pregnant a friend of mind handed some maternity clothes down to me. Among the clothes were 2 pair of very big maternity pants. She said to me " I know these seem huge now and I thought the same thing when I had to buy them - but keep them and you will see that by the end you will need them" Well I thought -- yeah right!!! Well yeah right -- I WAS WRONG!! I need them!!! They fit me and unfortunately are not too big.

Can you believe that crap -- I know he is a smart person. I mean ask him any historical trivia question and he can find it floating around in his brain, he is a great critical care nurse -- can't be too dumb for that huh!!! I know he was raised better than that!!!

Lessons for men who may read this -- if you ever find yourself with a pregnant female in your charge --
1) your big fat pregnant wife knows that she is just that -- BIG. She does not need that pointed out EVER because she lives it everyday and is well aware. When she can no longer see her own feet without employing acrobatic maneuvers -- she is aware. When she can no longer shave her own legs -- she is aware. When putting on her own underclothes and pants becomes a 12 step process with at least 2 rest periods -- she is aware. Well....... you get the idea. You only need to tell her how beautiful she is and what a great job she is doing -- and that you appreciate the sacrifice she is making by lending her body to grow these sweet little angels that you both already love more than words can describe. OK OK -- I realize I have gone too far -- saying all of that might have a reverse effect because she will know you are lying BUT -- definately NO FAT JOKES PLEASE!!!
2) keep your fashion tips to yourself especially once she has moved into maternity wear.

I will get Jon to take a picture of my belly this week -- he's in a cycle of working and sleeping right now. It is unbelievable how much and how quickly one belly can grow. We are wrapping up this pregnancy pretty quick like -- it's bittersweet. All joking aside -- I really don't mind being so HUGE because it's best for the babies and it will go away. I love being pregnant but can't wait to meet these girls. Pregnant women are so emotional!!!

Friday, February 22, 2008

Jon supervising the assembly of the "pack n play"!!!!!

Here is the cozy "pack n play" -- we will not be packing this thing around. I hope to not be one of those parents that hauls a trunk load of supplies for babies everywhere that we go. I do realize that every one of those parents probably said the same thing pre - baby!!! But I can assure you that this thing will not be packed. It is quite adorable and was given to us by several of my (sam)coworkers. I put it together last night. Some of you may not know this but I am the handy one in this household -- Jon claims to be handy but has more important things to do ie.... finish reading The Diary of Anne Frank so he can move onto his book about Catholic Dogma. He is well read though and I appreciate that about him -- besides I like to put things together it's just fun to make fun!!!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

They're growing up !!!

We got to see these adorable munchkins today at our appointment with the perinatologist. The babies are growing right on target. Edie Claire (twin A) weighed in at 4 pounds 8 ounces and her sister Ella Grace (twin B) was 4 pounds even!!! Yes that is over 8 pounds of baby I am hauling around (not complaining). Everything is still perfect -- meaning no sign of babies coming early and also meaning they will grow and grow for a few more weeks. Also no sign of little Edie pulling her head out of my ribcage and flipping over -- so chances of a C Section are VERY high. So if these girls don't initiate some action on their own before the week of March 17th we will have them physically evicted from their cozy little nest one day that week. I will pin my doctor down at next weeks appointment for a firm date and keep everyone posted.

Monday, February 18, 2008

33 weeks 3 days !!!!

Just when you think it can't --- POP goes the belly !!! I can't wait to see the measurements of these girls Wednesday -- I am guessing between 4.5 and 5 pounds each. I ranted a little yesterday about not sleeping and this arm pain/numbness and I feel bad about that. I hate to complain about anything related to this pregnancy because I feel so lucky to even be pregnant after the struggle we had getting to this stage. I may have mentioned in a previous post that it turns out that I am a baby making machine -- just need a (very expensive) bit of help getting the baby in the proper place. Or in this case BABIES!!!
Since I listed some fears and frustrations yesterday I thought it would be nice to balance it out with some things that I am thankful for.

we're having twins -- yes two babies, two tiny girls!!! They will each have a live in play mate and a life long best friend. We will get all challenging milestones over at once -- terrible two stage, diaper/potty training, sleepless nights, etc...

they are girls -- no CIRCUMCISION!!! I had that in the back of my mind until I found out they were girls. OUCH -- it would be so sad.

they are girls -- I know I just listed this one but it did not seem appropriate to talk about all of the adorable girl clothes, blankets, etc... in the same sentence as circumcision. They have the cutest stuff. The dresses, shoes, leggings --- gosh they are going to be adorable!!!

no more IVF -- no more needles, invasive ultrasounds, egg retrievals, negative pregnancy tests. Boy that seemed like such a long road but now it seems like so long ago. I haven't given myself a shot since September 16th -- that's over 5 months ago!!! WOW!!!

no stretch marks -- still none!!! I hope this lasts -- but if not it's a small price to pay.

OK - enough bragging!!! I will post weights/stats after the ultrasound Wednesday!!!!

Sunday, February 17, 2008

First packed bag

Well -- the babies have their first overnight bag packed and ready to go. I do realize that I have a few weeks before the bag is needed but it was something to do and it was fun!!! I have many appointments this week -- 3 of them on Tuesday. One is an ultrasound so that we can check their status (we do these monthly) -- we will get an updated weight which is very exciting. I am guessing they are each over 4 pounds and hopefully fairly close to 5 pounds by now. That is EACH which means 8-10 pounds of baby inside of my ever growing belly. I have decided that Edie (aka TwinA) may be a cyclist -- hopefully not a circus unicyclist -- because she has a move that feels like pedaling. Unfortunately -- it's right on my bladder and she practices it VERY often. It does not hurt but I have had more pleasant sensations.
My emotions are all over the board these days.....

I am excited -- we have wanted this for a long time and these babies are already so loved.
I am nervous -- I mean really, two tiny little people are about to be totally dependent on us and only us to survive. I know they are already totally dependent on me right not to survive but it seems effortless at the moment (well not completely effortless) my body is doing all the work.
I am tired -- yes I know this will not end when the babies are born BUT it does not make it easier. I have this carpal tunnel that is common during pregnancy and it HURTS. It mostly bothers me at night and for the past several nights has gotten worse. The only way to relieve it is to sit up in bed which makes it hard to sleep. I wear braces which no longer seem to help.
I feel huge -- I have 2 pair of pants that are comfortable to wear -- of course neither are attractive -- just athletic pants. My maternity jeans fit but are far from comfy!! I have moved into XL shirts -- fortunately they are not tight. YET.

So I wonder -- since the uterus is a muscle and mine is huge right now -- does that mean I have a muscular abdomen??? Like a six pack??? Just a dumb thought to prove to you that I have WAY too much time on my hands these days. I will write baby stats Wednesday after our ultrasound.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

And away we go !!!

It's getting closer to baby time so I am getting everything assembled -- these last two days were devoted to their swing/bouncy seat combos. I am usually fairly handy but add 35 pounds, BIG FAT feet, the inability to get up from the floor (I don't even try anymore -- it's too embarassing), clumsy FAT fingers and it takes two days to get these tiny things together. But hey -- I've got time!!! And don't they look fun!!!!

Monday, February 11, 2008

I mentioned in an earlier post that Jons family had a nice shower for us in Alabama before christmas. This adorable tree was the centerpiece on the food table and I LOVE IT!!!! I have it in their nursery -- it is so girly!!! These babies better not suprise us with different private parts -- if they do they are going to have to love pink.

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Look Ma --- no feet !!!

I have officially become more round than I am tall. Well maybe not officially but it sure feels like it. As you can see here my feet seem to be no longer visible -- BUT if I poke my bottom out really far and lean over just a tad I can see my toes (which seriously need a pedicure) -- well just the tips of my toes but it is comforting to know that they are still there. The problem with attempting this maneuver is that my center of gravity is way off and if I am not careful I may topple over. It is situations such as this that would make it feasible for pregnant women to carry a lifeline button -- you know the "I've fallen and I can't get up" button!!!
Since little Edie Claire (aka Twin A) has decided to position herself breech (head up) it is looking like we are heading towards a C section. My AWESOME doctor -- (she is truly the best ever) -- said this week that if the girls don't come on their own before March 17th or 18th we can schedule a delivery on either of those days. Jon thinks it would be fun for them to have a birthday on St. Patricks day so it looks like if Dr. W is available and the babies don't have other plans we will have babies 5 weeks from now. YIKES!!!!

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

She swallowed a water balloon!!!

Here is a BIG belly. I am 31 weeks 5 days here and growing as we speak. Most folks say that I look small for carrying twins but I have a feeling that when they see me in a few weeks they will take that back. I still have no stretch marks (knock on wood) and hopefully will be spared these as I have been most pregnancy symptoms. I am getting more tired and heavy but everything else is going well. Let's just hope these babies are as good in the outside world as they have been inside.

Monday, February 4, 2008

The Bedtime Shuffle

So picture this!!!

One Queen sized bed.
One husband – 6foot 2 and 200+ pounds.
One wife – 5 foot 2 and closer to 200 pounds than to 100. (back off there are three of me right now)
One German Shepard – 70 + pounds -- who thinks she is more than generous for sharing ½ of HER bed with her humans.
One whiny cat – small -- but also feels generous for sharing ¼ of his pillow with said humans.

Add to this – one large “snooggle” (that is a pillow for pregnant people that is quite large and in the shape of an S) and at least 5 other random pillows. Now for anyone who has been pregnant you can understand the need for “positioning” pillows. You can also understand the intense work involved in the positioning of these pillows in the middle of the night EVERY time you want to move!!! Each and every night I look forward to lying in bed because the weight of me and these babies is becoming a chore to carry around but the act of getting situated has also become quite a chore.
Lately – a typical night for me goes something like this:

Pee – even if I don’t think that I have to – but I usually always have to.
Organize sheet, blankets and pillows (we do not make our bed in the morning)
Climb into bed – sigh and catch my breath.
Put wrist brace on (I have this pregnancy induced arm numbness that fortunately mostly only bothers me at night and is relieved by this brace)
Fluff the bit of pillow that the cat has left for me – sigh and catch my breath.
Start out lying on my right side so that I can see the TV which helps me to fall asleep.
Somewhere between one and two hours later – decide to flip over to my left side – which is the side you are supposed to be on as much as possible.
Untangle snoogle, and throw pillows supporting my belly behind me, flip back the covers, get scolded by animals because they are trying to sleep. Roll over – this is literally a roooolll. Sigh and catch my breath, sigh and catch my breath, catch my breath --- aaahhh!!!
Situate snoogle and “positional” pillows. Adjust covers and oh yeah – just right! Settle in and realize – I HAVE TO PEE!!! And so I flip back the covers….. You get the idea. ALL NIGHT LONG.

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Sweet Ride !!!!!!

Now that's what we call a stroller! I realized today after putting this together that I am so glad that I did because this is going to take some practice -- this thing is long. Sure looks cozy though.

Friday, February 1, 2008

Our nonhuman babies

Our twin kitties -- gumbo and tabasco !!!!
Rubi Then !!!

And now !!!

Pre baby trips!!!

Proud Daddy to be !!!

We are hoping for those blue eyes!!!
My hair though!!!!!!

Cutest cake ever !!!

Storing babies in my cheeks !!!

My 2nd of 3 baby shower hosts -- Sara and Monique!!!
Our "hospital" baby shower was on 1/19/08!! It was at the Italian Affair restaurant and was lovely. We got so much great stuff for the babies -- people were so generous and we appreciate everything!!!
We had a nice baby shower hosted by Jons family in Alabama in December -- I unfortunately have no pictures from that one yet. We also got a large amount of great things for the babies!! Who knew that two girls could have the cutest clothes.

What a fun room !!!

31 weeks 0 days -- but who's counting ???

I have decided to start this blog because I have been obsessed with searching for other twin blogs and have had such a great time looking at pictures and reading stories! There is a great amount of comfort in knowing there are others out there -- and amazingly it does not seem to matter that those that I am finding comfort in are complete strangers and I have zero chance of even ever meeting them. Our entire family and most of our friends live in Alabama and Louisiana and I thought this would be a great way for everyone to keep up with us and these baby girls.

So my husband Jon and I have been married for 4 + years and are expecting 2 baby girls very soon. Our official due date is 4/4/08 but since we are having twins our goal is 37 weeks which will bring us to 3/14/08. We have made it to 31 weeks as of today and all is well!!! It is amazing how well this pregnancy has gone -- not even a day of morning sickness. I have gained 35 pounds so far -- well as of last week anyway. I will brag no more so as not to jinx myself since I do have over a month remaining and things can change quickly!!! I will be the first to say that our girls are two of the most adorable girls that either of us has ever seen (even though they look like tiny aliens on ultrasound)!!! We love them and are patiently waiting to meet them -- hopefully no sooner than 37 weeks!!!!