Monday, June 28, 2010

We love Wonder Bread !!!

Last week the girls and I met my friend Rachael on our Town Green for a little fun. All summer long the greeen is packed with fun stuff to do ... Tuesdays are kids movie night with a giant inflatable "big screen" that plays a movie, Thursdays are Summer nights on the green with a Farmers Market and a different band every week then Sunday is the regular Farmers Market!!! Well Wonder 5 played this past week and OMG!!! There were thousands of people .... it was PACKED!!! We spread our blanket out waaaaaaaaaay in the back and could barely hear the music BUT we were next to the awesome fountain so we still had tons of fun!!!
Edie quickly snatched her little friend Liams nuggets while he was off splashing.
Ella snagged the fries ...
They pretended to be eating their lunchables when he was looking!
Serious cuteness .... crusty nose and all!!
Ella has finally been letting us put ponies in her hair .... I guess the 90 plus heat has gotten to her.
Poor Liam had NONE of his nuggets ....
My friend Rachael is from Louisiana as well ... she is a dietician at the hospital that I work. I joked with her about how to tell the cajuns have come to town because in a park with thousands of people and a street long fountain .... we were the only ones who let our kids get in. They sure had fun ....Liam and Ella BFFs!!!
Who cares if the water is "reclaimed"
She's off to steal more fries probably!!

Saturday, June 26, 2010

A little catch up!!!

Well goodness ... where on Earth have I been??? Time slips away so quickly!!! We haven't been up to much ... just playing and whining mostly!! Edie and Ella are doing and saying so many new things ... every day it seems like. One or the other catch us off guard on a daily sweet and smart!!
As you can tell they love to dress themselves lately ...

We painted outside today.... using some acrylic water based paints. More of it got on skin than paper though ..... it was a great time!!
Reloading the brush ...

Edie discovered "straw blowing" today ... fun times!!!

Isn't she lovely???
Making herself a mud puddle to jump in ...
a little whining never hurt anyone ..... however this may be an all out temper tantrum!!
Little daydreamer ...
Lovin some strawberry cool whip!!
I love their little lips when they suck through a straw!
Waiting for the breakfast orders to come in!
Cooking em up !!
They signed their own Fathers Day cards this year ....
Love the popsicle ... just waiting while she writes!!
She means business .... and she needed a haircut!! AGAIN

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Redheaded Stepchild? Cinderella?

Well she is not redheaded nor is she a stepchild..... and she better not be sneaking out to balls at night .... at least not yet!!! Edie has been working her little fingers to the bone around here lately.
She has been ironing .... and I have NO IDEA how she knows how to do that because our ironing board has been sitting in the exact same spot since we moved into this house November 2008!!! That in itself is ridiculous because it is always in the way and falls off the little hook constantly! Why haven't I put it out in the garage or passed it on to the Goodwill??? I love the pattern on the cover but should that be a reason to house such a nuisance???

She has been making calls ....
And making dinner! The thing is she won't let any of us eat it ... especially Ella. Anytime we get close to her stove she yells at us. Quite possessive this one!
She even has stuff in the oven ... she points to the open oven and says .....hoootttttttttt !!! I picked up this little wooden stove today at a garage sale for FIVE dollars. It is adorable and a huge hit so far. I also got a great easel for five bucks. I love garage sales. Oh yeah ... I got a Jeep double umbrella stroller for TEN bucks too ... I gave them twenty though because it was a benefit for Breast Cancer. STEAL!!!
Happy Fathers Day to all you baby daddies out there!!! Jon has been in Carmel/Monterey area at Pebble Beach for the US Open this weekend. We get to see him late tomorrow night ... I sure hope he is having fun ... he's in Fathers Day heaven!!! The man LOVES golf!!!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Bobby McGee

What can I say ... the girl has taste!!! One of my favorite "girly time" songs!!! A must listen to on a girls trip ....... so since daddy went away to the US Open this weekend at Pebble Beach ..... we had a mini staycation right here at home ..... eating steak and dancing the night away!!!

Monday, June 14, 2010

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Randomness ... including pee pee and cantaloupe!!!

Give me an S .........S
Give me an A ........A
Give me a double S ...... SS
Give my a Y ..........Y
What does it spell???
SASSY !!!!
Ella Grace loves to draw/write/doodle ... it does not matter to her the medium. She leaves her mark (haha) on walls, dolls, books, legs/arms of both she and her sister, mirrors and anything that will accept a "mark" .....but she looks so darn cute ... love the ponytail that lasted about 1.243 seconds after this picture was snapped!!!
Look Maw ..... there's pee!!!
The girls love love love melon ... watermelon, honydew melon, cantaloupe ... you name it. The other day they ate an ENTIRE mini seedless watermelon in O.N.E. day!!! I know. Crazy!!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Ella says Edie


This is how Edie says her sisters name ...