Saturday, May 31, 2008

BUSTED !!!!!!

Have you ever been driving along, listening to some tunes and ...... wait!!! What's that??? The P.O.L.I.C.E.!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You try tapping the brakes but, well......... it's too late. You are B.U.S.T.E.D.!!!!!!!! Well the same thing happened to me the other night. Except I was not driving, not listening to music and there were no police involved. OK -- so it wasn't the same thing but I needed an analogy here!!!!!!!!!
Edie, Ella and I thought it would be nice to bring daddy some dinner at work -- so we loaded up and headed to the hospital. Well Edie is easily soothed with her paci but Ella is a tiny bit more sophisticated (like her momma) and prefers a milk flavored paci - aka a propped bottle. (disclaimer........the American Academy of Pediatrics strongly recommends AGAINST the propping of bottles -- they strongly recommend against several things that we do to keep afloat here but I asure you no babies are hurt in the process!).
Well wouldn't you no we head to the car, get into the elevator and little miss ella bella decides it is time for her to NEED a paci -- keep in mind she IS NOT hungry but she greases up her pipes and starts wailing. I have no choice but to give her the damn bottle as a paci -- but I am pushing the 42 foot long stroller hauling she and her sister. So left with no other option I propped the bottle in her mouth with her blanket -- HEY I was right there she wasn't going to choke to death Mr. academy of peds man. Wouldn't you know it -- we get out of the elevator and who is standing there???? Their pediatrician. So I quickly try to pull the bottle from her mouth (with great protest) but it was too late -- I was busted. Bottle propping. Fortunately we have a really cool and laid back pediatrician and he could care less -- he doesn't seem to believe in all the hoopla surrounding baby raising -- his reply (after my desperate attempt to make him believe I am not a chronic bottle propper (even though I am)) -- was "oh who cares it's not like your gonna rot her teeth out at this age... hahaha". Yeah so take that Academy guy!!!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

A - B - C - DDDDDDDDDDD (my new favorite letter)

Say hello to my little friend............. I had to buy more 9 volt batteries for our smoke detectors the other day so while I was at it I picked up another pack of D batteries because EVERYTHING related to babies that moves, vibrates or makes noise requires D batteries. For those of you who read this blog on a regular basis know that my babies LOVE to be held -- CONSTANTLY!!! They also love "night night" drives in the car but with gas over $4.00/gallon -- well that gets pricey. So needless to say mommy does not get much done around the house (but my biceps are bitchin). They have not been fond of their bouncy seat/swing combo for longer than 5-10 minutes before ---- well that was before the extra D battery came into play. So each swing needed 4 D batteries just to make it swing -- so right from the get go I used up all of the Ds that I had and just never made it a priority to get more. Well the LOVELY swing/bouncy combo has a MIRACLE feature called "vibrate" which requires a D battery -- so since I picked up this extra pack thought "what the heck" -- popped in a couple Ds and OH MY GOD -- we went from

They will sit in those swings for hours now -- I don't leave them in for hours but feel confident that if need be it could work!!! It's a miracle -- I have been able to vacuum not only the floors but the furniture. I have washed dishes, laundry, 2 bathrooms, sheets, thrown the frisbee for poor Rubi 2 days in a row, updated my blog 2 days in a row, etc........... I swore not to give unwarranted advice to pregnant women after all that I got during my pregnancy BUT as an exception I have to tell anyone who reads this that is pregnant, may become pregnant or knows anyone who is pregnant --- STOCK UP ON YOUR Ds!!!!!!!!!!!
And just for good measure isn't she cute...................

World Travelers !!!

My good friends Jeremy and Keleakai and their sweet boys Dante and Langston have just set off on a 2 month journey to SE Asia --(hopefully dodging any natural disasters along the way)....... if you are interested in following their journey check out their blog -- click on the road, traveling light under my blog roll to the right there. It should be quite entertaining as they are a pretty fun and adventurous family............

Monday, May 26, 2008

HELLOOOOOO -- Who's out there????????

I was noticing that my blog has been viewed almost 900 times since I set it up in February and unfortunately there is no way to track who is looking at it -- I would love to know !!!! So if you don't already regularly comment please post a comment --- PLEASE -- just this once is all I ask.

To do it just click on comments at the bottom of this post and write something -- anything. Even if it's just your name. You DO NOT have to sign up for a google account just check the circle next to anonymous then submit. THANK YOU THANK YOU ................. love sleep deprived mommy.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Edie and Ella are growing big and FAST !!! We are still not able to sleep through the night or even just half of the night yet so it has been a bit rough around here -- especially with Jon back at work on the night shift. I am on my own 24/4 or 5 days per week usually from Thursday afternoon until Monday afternoon so he can work and sleep............... WHEW it's hard!!!! Babies are made cute for a reason. I have managed to take some cute pictures for you guys -- so enjoy.

Here is Ella protesting something -- probably being put down.............

Oh my gosh what is this thing that keeps bopping me in the face??????? Edie has found her hands and will stare at them for countless periods of time...............

I love their blue eyes -- hope they stay so blue.........

Edie is a sleepy bobble head...............

Ella is in a deep milk coma.............. she is a messy eater!!!!!!

aaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnnnndddddddddddd FINALLY........ here they are 10 1/2 weeks ago.
I finally got brave enough to post this picture............. H-U-G-E belly right before they were born.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008


We brought Edie and Ella to the pediatrician today for their 2 month check up and dreaded vaccinations -- they each got FOUR shots. I kid you not -- FOUR...... it was much worse for mommy than them but they did do a little protesting. I have given them tylenol "just in case" but hopefully they will not feel too bad. On the way to the doctor Jon and I played a little guessing game to see who would come closer to their weights.
My guess -- Edie 8 1/2 pounds
Ella 6 1/2 pounds
Jons guess -- Edie 8 pounds
Ella 6 pounds 13 ounces

It's a darn good thing neither of our jobs require much estimating -- WE SUCK AT IT!!! Real stats are...........
Edia 10 pounds 13.8 ounces and 23 3/4 inches long (birth was 19 1/2 inches and 6 pounds)
Ella 8 pounds 9.2 ounces and 20 1/2 inches long (birth was 17 1/2 inches and 4 lbs 10 oz)

Boy were we way off huh!!!!!!!!!

When we had our professional pictures done I had this memory board made for Jon -- those who know us know that he is quite the Alabama Crimson Tide fan -- it turned out awesome.

My good friend Mrs Solomon, her daughters and friends from the East coast had a shower for Edie and Ella this weekend -- the theme was "books and bonnets". It was wonderful. We got so many great childrens books and hats for their bald little heads. The theme was a great idea because everyone brought their favorite childrens book so we got some amazing books for them to have read to them. They also made this diaper cake which I loved --- whoever started this diaper cake idea is a genius. What a great gift/centerpiece.

Here is Edies (chubby) thigh -- showing off her band aid after getting 2 of the 4 shots in the left thigh.

Here is Ella snuggling with her daddy after getting shots -- bless her little heart!!!

Here is Rubi -- she did not get any shots. She is taking advantage of the quiet time -- nightime is rough around here.

Rubi making sure Edie doesn't have any leftover milk on her chin !!!

Just napping..................

The result of a "night night" drive................

Thursday, May 15, 2008

102 degrees -- NO AC

How do 2 babies survive when it hits 102 degrees and we have no AC in our house.................

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Good Daddy!!! Better Husband!!!

I had a good first Mothers Day!!! Jon had to work both Saturday and Sunday nights which means the he had to sleep all day Sunday so it was just me and the girls -- which was fine since we did not sleep much Saturday night and were tired as well. I got to spend it with them and that is what mattered. Ella had such a great time she had a HUGE blowout -- so huge some ended up on her heel!!! I got a very generous gift card to a lodge and spa out on the coast here that I am looking so forward to using up. I got this beautiful orchid which I have decided to post a picture of because I will have killed it by weeks end -- I swear I have "black thumbs" -- no green here.........Jon promised to take care of it for me so it may have a slightly longer life than if it were left alone with me.

He bought a card for me from each of the girls -- so sweet. This one is from Ella -- as many of you know (though she is growing into her body) because of her small size she slightly (well a little more than slightly) resembles an orangutang!!! Don't say aaahhhh -- they are adorable. So hence the monkey on this card...........

This one is from Edie -- I can understand the monkey from Ella -- but this card has me baffled. Read that first line closely................

Too funny!!!!!!!! He obviously puts alot of thought into the cards he buys huh!!! It is very funny and is going directly in her baby book.

Sunday, May 11, 2008


Happy Mothers Day to every mother who reads this blog -- I am proud to say that this is my very first Mothers Day and this is what it's all about !!!!!!!!!!!! Aren't they sweet........

Saturday, May 10, 2008

poop happens !!!!!!!

YEP !!!!!!! You guessed it !!!! A big bag o' dirty diapers........ I just thought it would be fun to let you guys see what comes out of our diaper champ every 3 days --- That's alot of diapers !!!!!!

Love me some roly poly thighs !!!!!

Edie has chunky thighs -- (not sure why I can't rotate this picture)
Ella has chunky thighs and chins !!!

Ella says "GO TEAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Edie loves tummy time -- it wears her out!!!

The 3 nappers -- they look so cozy !!!!

aaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh --- daddy has cozy arms for Edie to lay in........

Ella like them too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, May 1, 2008

What gets me through ...............

Daddy is such a good multi tasker -- don't you think?????????

Edie -- holding her own bottle at 7 weeks of age!!!!! She is so advanced !!!!!!!!!!!

Now she is tired after all of that bottle holding
often people ask me what gets me through life with twins ....... just how do I do it? Well below is a picture that will answer that question for anyone who is curious.....