Friday, June 27, 2008

For Sale

Two babies. Very adorable. Both love to smile and one even laughs hysterically at times. They do like to eat alot and their food is quite expensive but I am willingy to shave a little off the price for the right customer. They do poop alot and the diapers are expensive as well.
Included in the (negotiable) sale price are:

Start up kit -- which includes a diaper bag, diapers for 1 week, formula for 1 week and clothes
Insurance cards
Car seats and stroller
Swings and bouncy seats
Bumbo seats
etc, etc.............

Also included are 2 very adorable, high maintenance tiny humans who for the life of me WILL NOT SLEEP. The catch is that I would like them back from 8am to 8pm (along with said equipment)..... So how does that sound you get 2 adorable tiny humans to cuddle with as you lie awake all night long.......... for the low low price of -- negotiable!!!!!!!!

(disclaimer: CPS I do not intend to really sell my children -- lighten up already)

Thursday, June 26, 2008

So things are much better here. I am feeling so much better -- mastitis is gone. Or at least I don't feel it there anymore. I am still on the antibiotics for another week. Edie and Ella are cuter than ever BUT still nowhere close to sleeping an acceptable amount at night. The past 2 nights we were up every 2 hours. Now they don't stay up for very long when they wake up but we are still getting up and fully awake. NO FUN !!! They seem to be taking fewer and shorter naps these days though so maybe, just maybe they will start to make up for it at night. The bedtime routine is working very well -- they seem to know when it's time for a bath and bottle as they both seem to get really tired and cranky starting around 5:30 - 6:00 each evening. We are almost always in bed with them asleep between 6:30-7:00.... I wish we could push it back a little to maybe 8:00 but they are so tired and cranky there is no way we could....
Now for some cute pictures --- I haven't taken as many good ones these past few days -- they are more awake and active so require much more of my time which leaves less time for goofing off. The good news is that Jon is able to still keep up his golf very frequently -- that's what's important!!!! (sarcasm dripping from that last sentence)
I am not sure why 2 of these pictures are turned to the side -- I did not take them that way but once they are uploaded I don't know how to rotate them -- sorry for any neck strain this may cause............ ENJOY!!!
Ella Grace snoozing on her tummy (i was right there)
Edie has almost figured out how to get her fingers in her mouth. This is a source of great frustration for her.....she tries and tries and gets so aggravated when she can't get it. So close.
Edie posing for the camera
Ella posing for the camera
Too darn cute
Enough pictures mommy
I love them sitting in these bumbo chairs
Rubi -- babysitting Ella while mommy was busy with the photo shoot
again -- not sure why the rotation -- sorry........... they are posing in the dresses from Papa Jim and Yanming
chunky monkey baby thighs...............
Edie -- still loving her rainforest jumperoo
Edie and Daddy -- twins !!!

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Tag -- I'm it !!!

I have been tagged. This is actually the second time I have been tagged but I forgot to do the first one sooooooooooo... here goes! For my non blogging friends and family -- this is not an Edie and Ella post. It's just something that is done in the blogging world -- I don't know why but if I want to be a part of this group I must play nice.

Three jobs I've never done that I think I'd be good at:

1. Party planner

2. Doctor -- I love being a nurse but sometimes fantasize about being an MD

3. Professional sleeper -- right now I would be real good at this profession

Three Foods I Ate Today:

1. Smart Ones Chicken Enchilada Monterey

2. Fiber One Bar (my new favorite treat) only 2 weightwatcher points!!!

3. cheese and crackers

Three Things I've Bought in the Last Week:

1. Cotton Halo Sleep Sacks

2. 2 new dresses

3. groceries

Three Random Facts About Me:

1. I lived in foster homes as a child

2. I used to LOVE to talk on the phone and now I hate it

3. I hate to exercise BUT I want to be skinny

Three Facts About My Pregnancy:

1. I was apparently made to carry twins -- I had not 1 single complication

2. It took 3 rounds of IVF before I became pregnant

3. my pregnancy produced the most adorable set of twins

Three People I'm Tagging:

Lets seeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee............... How about

Well -- how about whoever reads this and wants to do it --- GO AHEAD.... it's actually kind of fun.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Super excited to be 100 days old !!!!!!

Edia and Ella are 100 days old today!!!!! As you can see by the following video they are thrilled. We have offered you 2 full minutes of sheer delight...............

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

All before 8 a.m. --- fun times in the Marbut house!!!

Due to the yucky nature of this blog post I will start you off with some unbelievably adorable pictures. I put together the rainforest jumperoo that our friends Mark and Channing gave Edie and Ella. I could not wait for them to be able to hold their little heads up to get into this thing because it just looks so fun. Well....... they can't jump per se but their little jerky body movements make it move enough to bounce and light up. They L.O.V.E. it --- and I have the pictures to prove it........................

edie loves to stare at this hanging parrot ...........

Ella likes it too.................

And now just a general cute one of Edie...............

NOW ON TO THE GOOD STUFF.......................

This morning started off like any other morning here in casa Marbut. We woke up. And that's where the shit hit the fan (literally). Well it didn't hit the fan but......... there was shit. Read on!!

I mentioned earlier that I have mastitis. Well it's B.A.D.. I have been on antibiotics for 5 days and it has only slightly gotten better. I went in to see my Dr. yesterday and she wanted me to go for an ultrasound immediately to check for an abcess. I should have put a censor warning in the title of this post I guess. Well....the earliest they could get me in was this morning at 7:30. That is damn early in general BUT when you have fairly new twins that, while getting better, still don't sleep through the night -- that is TOO DAMN early. But I want this cleared up so I grabbed the first appointment I could get. So I get there a little early and they very kindly take me right back. The ultrasound tech was very nice and chipper (even though she had worked until 9 pm last night). She pours the very COLD gel on and takes a look to find, as suspected, an abcess. GROSS!!!!!! So she warns me that the Dr. would probably want to take a sample to make sure they have me on the correct antibiotic. Well I appreciate that BUT -- if you are thinking what I am thinking. The only way to get a sample is to get in there. Right? And the only way to get in there is with a needle. Right? Probably a very large (at least long) needle. Right? Well -- if that is what you were thinking. You were RIGHT. It's friggin 0730 (well 0745 by then) and he wants to come at me with a (gasspasser aka uuer will appreciate this) -- 20 gauge SPINAL NEEDLE. I hadn't even been to starbucks yet. So right then and there he gets his little sample and sends me on my merry little way. It actually, believe it or not, was not nearly as bad as I anticipated and the doctor was great. He was the type that when you first meet him you think -- B.O.R.I.N.G.. He was soooooooo monotone and slightly nerdy BUT man was he funny. Being so monotone made his peculiar jokes even funnier. So I guess what I am saying is that if you have to get stabbed in the breast just after dawn, sleep deprived with no coffee on board -- well he's your man. He is funny and efficient. There are some drawbacks to being a nurse when you are a patient though. Everybody thinks you want to watch your procedure. Sometimes you don't -- because you are too freaked out. But oh well -- it's better than not knowing I guess.
Of course when I left there I went straight to Starbucks. Anyone who knows me knows that me and Starbucks have been intimate friends for a looooooooooong time. While there I picked up (as a treat) (after that fiasco I think I deserve a treat) the new Duffy cd. If you haven't heard this chic you should listen. She rocks!!! She has a very distinct and odd voice. But very pleasant!

Now, while I was getting poked and prodded, here on the homefront Jon was faced with his own fiasco................

When I left they were all asleep. I have gotten into the habit of not changing there diapers during the night if they only pee -- just because I have them all swaddled and don't want to wake them for a big diaper change. I mean if it gets out of hand I will change them just not for a little pee....... ANYWAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYY. To make a short story long huh!!! Jon noticed that one of them pooped while I was gone so as usual blamed it on Edie...... (poor Edie we blame everything on her) boy was he wrong!!!!! So he gets up to change Edie and sure enough-- only pee. So he gets Ella. And she has poo EVERYWHERE!!!!!!!!! This is what he found......
Except there was a baby in that onesie when he found it. Now how something so small manages to get crap ALL THE WAY up her back remains a mystery. I so wish that I could have had a tiny hidden camera on the wall because the video of him changing her would have won us a prize somewhere -- I am sure. He said it was so bad he had to put gloves on. Too funny.

So that's our day so far. Here's hoping for no more big "events". Needles and crap not welcome here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Fathers Day Daddy!!!!!!!!!!11

We made a special treat for Jon on his very 1st fathers day !!!!
Turn up your speakers and enjoy.......... (oh yeah -- click on this link first)!!!

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Our new friend Bumbo !!!!!!

I bought this awesome seat for Edie and Ella -- the Bumbo seat. They love, love, love it!!! It may be the cutest thing ever too. To see tiny little folks sitting in a chair. It's designed for infants who can hold their heads up but can't yet sit up alone. I put 1 baby in the seat on the kitchen counter while I bathe the other in the sink. They just sit and wait so patiently now!! So here are some demonstration pictures...............

Here is Ella -- hamming it up.
And another. Now isn't it cute. Her tiny little body. Sitting in a seat.
Now Edie. Amazingly likes the seat too.
I keep telling her it's not a surfboard but she insists...........
Here is Ella waiting her turn in the bath line...........
Well -- Edie almost always likes it...........this was her first time so she wasn't too sure about it yet
aaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh that's better. It's all good now!!!
Now here they are posing in some of their pretty new dresses !!!!!
I dare you to tell me you have seen anything cuter............. there is no possible way.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

It was magic.............

So last night was our 6th night in a row of the "bedtime routine" thing AND it still works. I have noticed that Ella takes a morning nap and is up for most of the afternoon so as soon as she gets out that bath and gets swaddled up her eyes are DROOOOOOOOOOOOOPY!!! Edie had a bit of a tough time falling asleep and staying asleep last night but she didn't fuss -- she just flailed about the bed like a fish out of water. She looks like she has someplace to go -- and is desperately trying to roll over. (she is smiling big at me right now from over in her swing).
Jon had them last night -- he slept with them because I have the worst case of mastitis. Fever. Chills. PAIN. Oh my god the pain. Wouldn't you know it I get a night of sleeping in the guest room and I couldn't sleep because I felt so awful. I told Jon I want a redo. Especially since I am sitting here in agony with 2 babies (who are fortunately being very well behaved) and he is out playing golf. Did he cancel his every Thursday game? Heck no. Will he pay for that? Heck yes.

I have a few new pictures but I want to take a few more so I will post them next time.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Trial and Error !!!

Well I may be on to something. I don't want to give too much praise to our success just yet because it's only been 3 days BUT we may have a bedtime routine. I have been reading other "twin" blogs (and some singleton mommy blogs too) and skimming this baby sleep book my friend Sara gave me (i don't have time to read the whole thing - besides it's slightly boring - you know too technical - i only like gossip magazines now that my free time is so limited) and it seems that when putting E and E down at night I have been making a HUGE mistake in reading their "tired" signs -- like a 3 hour or so mistake.
Before, our nights were looking something like them napping (in the living room usually) (one of us holding them usually) (I love the internet because you can do whatever the heck you want with punctuation since I hate trying to remember "correct" punctuation) (good times) around 7pm or so and we would go to bed around 10ish. Since I am new to this mommy thing I forget that most children don't stay up until 10 pm. ESPECIALLY NEW BABIES!!! Well all of you "seasoned" mommies know where this is going. RIGHT? When I would try getting them to sleep they (well mostly Edie) would SCREAM for sometimes up to an hour. FRUSTRATING!!! Having that as your last activity of the day then getting up constantly all night really makes you start to dread the nightime. Trust me. I got the idea from all of my readings that babies like schedules and routine sooooooooooo.......... three nights ago I gave them a bath around 630pm then a baby massage (they love this), swaddled them up and we were in the bedroom with bottles in mouths at 7pm. They were in dreamland by 730pm!!!!! They did not seem all that tired but apparently they were. SO -- on night 2 I did the same exact thing and again asleep by 730 pm. Now tonight (night 3) (in a row) I bathed, rubbed, swaddled and Jon gave them their bottles and VOILA -- asleep by, well actually 8pm tonight, BUT that is fine too!!!
Edie still woke up every 2 hours last night but it seems less frustrating when you don't have to wrestle her to sleep in the first place. When she wakes up she usually eats a bit and falls back to sleep. She isn't a middle of the night screamer. Thank goodness. Ella seems to be waking only once each night -- I am just starting to notice a pattern.
So it turns out -- putting them down to sleep at normal hours also leaves me with a bit more time to myself each evening. I can get used to that. But I won't because it all could change at the drop of a hat.
Lesson learned -- never try to wrestle an overtired baby. They scream louder than you.

Saturday, June 7, 2008


how cute can 2 babes get ?????? We have had a couple of photo shoots over the past couple of days. I am by no means a photographer (as you can see) but considering the cuteness of my subjects - not much skill is needed. That's just my humble, unbiased opinion.
I am not sure I have ever seen anything cuter than a newborn sized mini skirt !!!!!!!!!!!

here is one with Ella looking at the camera
here is one with Edie posing
Edie saying "get out of my photo shoot"
"mommy, Ella won't get out of my photo shoot"
I love this one of Edie sleeping in my bed this morning


Edie !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, June 6, 2008

What a joke.........

Whoever coined the saying "sleep like a baby" ---- was an IDIOT!!!!!!

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Say it isn't so..............

12 Weeks. 3 months. Oh my gosh -- my babies are no longer newborns. And still not sleeping through the night. Not even half the night. It feels like yesterday that they were born but on the other hand it feels like I can't remember life before them. I certainly can't imagine my life without them. I often daydream (can't night dream when you don't sleep at night) about getting away to some sunny luxurious resort for some fun -- oh who am I kidding ... I don't care if its' sunny. Or luxurious for that matter. As long as there is a bed there. A nice cushy bed... like the one at Westin St. Francis in San Francisco..(the best bed I have ever slept in)! Oh and no crying babies... they can be there if they would like but they would not be allowed to cry. JUST ONE NIGHT. That's all I ask -- ONE FULL NIGHT.
Even with rare 3 hours stretches of sleep -- I would not trade ANY of it. These girls ROCK!!! I have enjoyed getting to know their little personalities. Dressing them in their pretty little clothes. Taking tons of pictures of them. Kissing them. Smelling them. Well -- just everything about them. I am looking forward to watching them grow (just not so fast -- slow it down already). Here are some pictures..... some of them are just a few of my favorites over these past 12 weeks (there are many, many favorites but time and space do not allow me to upload them all) then I did a comparison with a few........ ENJOY !!!

Here is Ella in her swing -- the D's are still earning their keep...... ( yes! I realize her outfit is filthy. Jon is not so diligent (sp) with placing the cloth on her when she eats and she is quite messy. She had spent the morning with him here....)
Edie...... LOVES LOVES LOVES her swing!!!
Edie holding her own bottle for the first time -- by sheer coincidence. I really can't wait until this skill is actually mastered by them......... what age does that happen anyway???
I love Ellas sweet face -- she loves to pose for the camera.

Remember our au pair.... Rubi. Oh poor Rubi. She is still loved just as much but she is SOOOO not used to coming in ...well, third in our case. She is great with Edie and Ella but since our time is limited she does not get exercised as much as before BUT her energy level has remained the same (HIGH) so she seems a bit more mischievous. She just needs more attention. One day sweet Rubi... just be patient with me.
This is one of my favorites because -- well... it's just plain cute. I know it's probably mean BUT it's funny when they scream. The sound is NOT funny but the faces they make are. This is a great depiction of their personalities though. Ella - while she has her days - is the more laid back baby. Edie has a short period EVERY day of screaming. She is fairly easily consolable but she likes to keep her pipes from getting rusty. Ella generally has a screaming spell only a couple times per week.
Edie and her paci.....
Ella looking cute..........
A couple of snuggly pictures..........we have less of these than before. They aren't as cuddly as they were.
Edie -- giving us a glimpse of "the real her" -- we just didn't realize it yet......... we like to call her grumpasaurus!!!!!!!!!!!! Jon thinks it's the outfit I had her in that she was protesting... I love the outfit! Zutano brand.... it's great.
Now for some comparisons. Then and Now!!!!
Ella in her first bath.......
and her........well I don't know how many baths she has had. ALOT!
Edie in her first bath...............
Ella in the NICU...............
and in her crib...............
Edie in her car seat on the way home from the hospital...........
and in her crib..............
CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT!!!! They are huge............ but aren't they sweet. Now we leave you with some mobile fun. They love this mobile....... from Jons coworkers. Not quite as effective as the Ds but fun just the same!!! Happy 12 weeks!!!!