Monday, March 22, 2010

Finally BDay pics!!!

Well ... we have been BUSY!!! We had our birthday party last weekend then my dad came to visit this past weekend from Louisiana. It's been nonstop fun times at Casa Marbut!!! We are (read I am) exhausted. It's back to reality now ... but I did finally manage to get some of the professional pictures up for those of you who have not already seen them on Facebook. I have 2 tons of pictures that I will be uploading over several posts so stay tuned ... I really need to get caught up so I plan to be posting quite a bit this week .......hopefully!!!
First off FAVORITE pictures first!!! We haven't had a nice family pictures since they were 3 weeks old... and they have changed slightly. Me, not so much.....but aren't these great!!!

We had a candy buffet at the party ... all the kids loved it!!!

I love this picture of me and Edie kissing her and she me!!! So sweet!

The favor bags...

..and cupcakes!!!

This is soooooo Ella Grace!!!

Jon had a huge burger making production ...very methodical!!!


Adriane said...

GREAT pics!!!! The girls look adorable!! Love the favor bags! Love the dresses! Spill the beans -who made those darling dresses?

Rebecca said...

Their dresses are the bomb!!! I love them! The picture with the dual kisses is the best! Frame it!

Esther and Brian said...

I LOVE the favor baggies and their cute dresses!!!!

Danifred said...

What a fabulous family picture! I don't know what's cuter the girls' dresses, the cupcakes or the party bags.
And, of course, the girls are cute as can be!

Hopeful Mother said...

I love the dresses!

And that 2nd photo of your family is just perfect.

Kris in IL said...

Love the family photos! The girls are so cute in their birthday dresses!

Tracy said...

GREAT pics! I love the one of you kissing each other, too. So sweet. And I adore the dresses. Looks like a fun time.

Tracy said...

You are so funny!!!

A pole barn is just what a barn of that style is called up here. It's called that because it's basically made by putting poles around all sides of the structure, and then putting up siding around the poles. It's a regional thing, I guess. :) I swear, we aren't storing any poles.

And we're doing a custom home. I'll be sure to post pictures as we go!!! :)