Sunday, May 9, 2010

Fun in the sun ....but it rained today!!!

We have had a really nice streak of sunshine lately! Of course it rained today ... but we still had fun. Since Jon works every weekend night we did a little Mothers Day dinner on Thursday ... it was delicious!!! Steak, corn, asparagus and lemon cake with lemon icing!!! Who doesn't love lemon on lemon??? Ella Grace of course .... I am beginning to wonder if she is really my daughter. First cotton candy gags and now this ..... the outright refusal to eat lemon cake. The kid will eat rocks, drink water from the outside sink ... the same one she dumps dirt into to make "soup" and the same one Rubi loves to drink from ...... but she won't touch lemon cake. Oh well more for me!!!
I tried to edit this picture .....FAIL!!! It's antiqued and all .... I love those little t shirts!
Now back to the lemon cake!!! Can you tell I LOVE me some lemon cake??? Edie and Ella did help me with some stirring can all just about imagine how much "help" TWO 2 year olds would be in the baking process. But we had fun ......
While the cake baked we ate our dinner outside. I bought this awesome garden bucket thing for all the yard work I really need to get started on .....well Edie, as I suspected, had other plans for it.

After reenergizing with some corn she was off to do some gardening!!!
It tasted much better than it looked!!!


Rebecca said...

I love that garden bucket thing! It's perfect for moving things and you can take a little rest at the same time! Love the shirt too!

Adriane said...

I love that bucket thing, too! Very cool!

Danifred said...

That bucket thingy is AWESOME! I am sure that my kids would find all sorts of uses for that.

And the lemon cake? YUMMMMMMMM!!!!