Friday, December 12, 2008

I know. I know. Post overload.........

Yes I do realize that this is my third post in two days and actually my second post TODAY....but this particular subject needed a solo post.........we have a new friend!!! He showed up today...he usually comes around Thanksgiving but was running a little behind for us...he figured that since Edie and Ella are still a little too small to be naughty that he could spend the extra time wine tasting since we so live in the most awesome area for that!!! Our new friend is an elf sent directly from Santa to keep track of the doings of our little pumpkin pies. He is an elf on a shelf......who for now remains nameless. If you have any fun boy elf names leave them in a comment....we need help. If I get enough suggestions I will do a poll......
Here he is on the mantle....isn't he cute.....notice the picture of Jon there on the right...doesn't he look JUST like Edie Claire???
Supposedly this little elf guy is full of mischief......and it appears that he didn't waste any time settling into our Christmas tree...see here he is pretending to chat with Big Al but I suspect he was trying to sneak a sip of that Starbucks anyone who know either of us knows how we L!O!V!E! our that ornament is perfect for our tree. And Big Al....well his appropriateness goes without saying......ROLL TIDE!!!
So no laughing at my sparse fireplace/mantle....keep in mind that I have 2.....I repeat T!W!O! mobile curious really really fast climbing monkies....I didn't want to hang the stockings just yet out of fear that some innocent little curious climber will pull them all off in 1/2 second FLAT! Stocking holders are heavy and the ER is busy this time of we definately want to stay away from there. Right now anyway! So this is what I came up with...their names spelled out in candy cane striped letters......stockings are in a pile next to the tree.
Now......I know how you all love pictures of pictures....right??? But I could not resist....I finally had our first family picture framed.....better late than never. Please don't mind my BIG FAT you know what.......ahem...I did have twins three weeks before this was taken.....but anyway look at those teeny tiny arms would fall off now if I tried to hold them both at the same time...oh it goes fast!


Amanda said...

You have got to tell me where to get this el because this is the second time I have seen him in a blog post this week! He it too cute. I think his name should be Elliott, so that he can have an "E" name too :)

PS - I didn't see fat ANYTHING on you in that beautiful pic.

Danifred said...

Lucky you with your elf on a shelf! I've been trying to find one for weeks around here and everyone is sold out. I suppose that's what I get for torturing my child with Santa ;)

Nicole O'Dell said...

Love the Elf!

And that is a gorgeous picture of you guys!

Anonymous said...

I love that family pic! You are beautiful, just like the pics I have of you with Alex!
E,E are getting so big! Love cruising the fridge, and the combat crawl!
Emmett the Elf or Elliott, got to be an E for our EE's.

Mrs. Piggy said...

Whoa i totally fell behind in your blog. I am so happy to catch up, your kids crack me up!

The Adventures of Carrie, Brook, Finn and Reid said...

What a fantastic family photo!! If I could do the whole twin-thing over again (which I can't!!!), I would love to have a professional photo of the babies when they were itty bitty wearing only diapers. It's just one of those moments that you want to capture forever...and I can't believe we didn't!!

Great decor...and I can't believe how fast the girls are growing up. Those photos of them under the table are great. Cute, cute, cute!