Monday, March 2, 2009

Thank you Kristen!!!

Thanks to my good friend Kristen for keeping track of my lack of posting. We have been boringly busy around here....except for last week. We had our niece Brianna here from Alabama to help pick out some things to spruce up this house...she has fabulous taste unfortunately I do not have a fabulous budget! We did find an awesome sofa and some other things......and she gave me a slew of ideas. Turns out I am fairly tacky!
I had a baby shower for 2 of my coworkers Sunday.....our unit is plum full of pregnant ladies and husbands of pregnant ladies. Here is Edie and Ella having some fun in the leftover wrapping paper/tissue...
So before you call child protective services about these next pictures.....just know that Ella did not have any wine in her glass.
Sorry for the lack of is so busy around here and any time that something extra is thrown in ( out of town visitor, baby shower, etc...) our routine falls apart and I don't have ANY extra week we are heading to Alabama for a special party........can you believe it??? In 11, well 10 now, days our awesome blue eyed beauties will turn 1......baffling!!!


Missy said...

I can not wait to see pics of their party!!! Great pics! Missed you but totally understand

Danifred said...

Busy with parties and house guests? As if those girls don't keep you busy enough?!? Love that last picture!

And Baby Makes Three said...

My kinda girl!
Did you decide to paint stripes in the girls' room?

Anonymous said...
check out this pictures from the babyshower :)

have a happy trip.