Friday, September 5, 2008

House guests, Hurricanes and Honey!!!

Here we are!!! I have gotten some emails, comments and even 2 phone calls making sure everything is ok here since I haven't posted anything in over a week......I never realized we are so popular!!! We (me and E squared) spent a few nights in Palo Alto with Edie's godmother who we will call Honey and her son Alex. They were here to see her nephew who was severely wounded in Iraq and is now at the VA in Palo Alto.......they have an exceptional blind rehab. Yeah BLIND at sad. Of course they wanted to see us as well so we stayed down there with them...sort of a mini vacay for us. We had a nice time even though E Squared took turns getting over their virus and then getting it back ALL WEEKEND. They definately deserve the gold medal in the olympic diarrhea - ing event. We have been upgraded to "gold" customers at Pampers. Honey and Alex were supposed to head home on Tuesday but since Gustav decided to make a nice appearance......they were stranded. We had a great time though -- they came back up to our house and left this morning.
We are coming up on 6 months here next week....hard to believe!!! So much has changed in this past half year. Jon and I will have our 5 year anniversary on the same day as their half birthday. We will do something special ......we haven't quite decided yet.
We have put an offer in on a house!!! It is a short sale which can be a little tricky -- but we are waiting patiently for the bank to accept our keep your fingers crossed. We have to move regardless by November 1st so it's a bit stressful. So just FYI a short sale, if you don't already know, is sort of a preforclosure... the bank has to approve the offer because they are basically taking the loss.
Things are going well seems we have gotten past the evil virus that was swirling amongst the 4 of us. Edie and Ella are amazing!!! Funny little girls with great personalities. Laughing, rolling, amazed at their hands, discovering their toes/feet, scooting along the floor, sleeping MUCH better. They are both just lovely and we are having a great time watching them grow and's amazing. I will leave you with enough pictures to make up for the lapse in posting........enjoy our sweet funny angels!!!
Ella Grace.....I guess she was thirsty.
E squared with Honey and Alex. Funny story about Alex......well actually about Edie. She had a crush or something on Alex. She would stare at him and when he would look over at her she would smile her huge toothless grin. If he wasn't paying attention to her she would sort of fake moan/cry and when he would look at her she would flash the was quite funny and kept us all very entertained.
Edie words needed!!!
How sweet...........
Ella....big blue eyes!!!
Edie.....they are both very fond of their tongues these days.
This is Edie with hair......and an extra arm hooked to the back of her head I guess.
This is my great friend Lauren ------she watched them today for 2 hours for me. Ella was wore out from all the fun!!!
Here is Ella holding her own spoon.......very neatly as you can see.
And Edie determined not to me left out.
Now these last 2 are plain pitiful. These are the cribs the hotel had in our room....they slept in them the first night and I couldn't bear to see them looking so neglected so they slept with me the rest of the time.......the first one is of Edie with post crying eyes.....she was sick. But she looks like a little abused baby in a cage. right?
And Ella....


Vikki a.k.a "V" said...

So happy to hear that the virus has run its course and esquared is all eyes and smiles. Good luck with the house, I will keep you in my prayers.

Shannon said...

Glad to hear everyone is feeling better. My youngest had a stomach bug a few days ago... now its my turn! Yuck.

Good luck with the house!

And I LOVE the pic of Edie in the glasses! Too cute :)