Thursday, April 2, 2009

Cake! Cake! Cake!

Finally montage 3 of 3 you can see so far.....good times were had by all during their birthday week and a half!
These pictures are my favorites... most of them are of Ella because Edie was not that interested in getting caked up... Ella must have my sweet tooth!!

Enjoy my sweet babies!!!


Marianne said...

Love all these montages! We had such a great time! Finn and Chloe play a game now where one is Ella and one is Edie. Then they say "shake it Ella, shake it Edie" and proceed to shake their heads as hard as they can. They find this hilarious.

Missy said...

Wonderful & Sweet!
Thanks for entering for my giveaways! And thanks for your kind words! Best of luck on winning!

shawna said...

I needed this today! They are as beautiful as always. I love the bathtub fun pics. I am ready for that.

Melanie said...

How sweet and fun! I'm glad they had such a great birthday.

sara said...

So sweet! Thanks for sharing those with us. Looks like it would be a fun time!