Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Madeline Alice Spohr

My dearest daughter

Those of you that are not bloggers may have a difficult time understanding the connections that are formed between perfect strangers.....on the internet no less. I know personally I am drawn to blogs that have something in common with another MOM (mom of multiples), another infertile, etc... however some blogs are appealing for other reasons. Like Maddies blog. Her mommy Heather has done a fabulous job documenting her sweet little angels life. She is a fabulous writer and photographer........and for that I am sure she will be forever grateful. Sweet little Maddie passed away yesterday. Though I have never met the family and it's probably safe to say I never will, I have been sick to my stomach all day today and was not able to sleep at all last night. I cannot even begin to imagine how her parents are feeling. Maddie was born prematurely and has struggled with lung issues her entire 17 months...she seemed to be progressing nicely and so her death was unexpected. I am so sad for her, Heather and Mike and the entire family. I will miss all of the fabulous pictures and stories about Maddie. It's not fair.
Rest peacefully sweet Maddie...the world is a brighter place having had you in it!

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Nicole O'Dell said...

I can hardly take it. :( My thoughts and prayers are with Maddie's family constantly.