Sunday, January 24, 2010

Splish Splash .... I love taking a bath!!!

It seems like just yesterday that bath time was horrible...especially with Ella Grace! Every time we would bathe her it was like we were pouring soap in her eyes or scalding her or both. Now she spends F.O.R.E.V.E.R. in the bathtub. She still screams sometimes but only when we are taking her out of the tub. She has all these cups that she methodically fills to the rim. She seems like she is working and taking it so seriously! It's fun to watch. She absolutely does not share her cups either. Poor Edie ... bath time is so boring for her.
Love the snot EVEN in the tub look!!!

Filling her cups .... so precise!!!

She even lets me do funny things to her hair!

WOW ... this is so cool!!!

Her bathtub "chem" lab ....

No not the weird foamy soap ... NOOOOOOOOOO!!! (seriously this stuff is gross...I thought it would be fun but it's just gross)!


Rebecca said...

So adorable!!! Thanks for the cup and CHEAP!!!

Danifred said...

Bath time is a big hit around here too! We have two cups and the blue one is the preferred "toy"