Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Over the mountain and through the hills. It's off to school they go!!!

Ok it's really just around the corner .... no mountains or hills to climb but Edie and Ella did start school yesterday. And when I say school, I mean La Petite Academy. It sounds sophisticated doesn't it La Petite Academy. Well, it's not even though they charge you sophisticated fees.
Jon and I have been thinking of finding a little half day program for them a day a week and as the terrible two's started approaching terribly fast we hastened our search a bit. Ideally we wanted one day/week and just a half day but none of the places we liked offered that. The minimum seems to be two days/week ... I can understand that. So we changed our minds a trillion times then decided to try it out this week. We will do Tues/Thurs 9:30 to 2:00! I did not want to use a home daycare because of my trust issues so we found this little place around the corner ... exactly one mile from our house. Everyone there seems so nice and it's a preschool so as the girls grow they can move up through the programs. We have been thinking about this for a little while and I have refrained from babbling on about it here out of respect for one of my blogging buddies who struggles every day with having to use child care for her children. However since this is our baby book I felt the need to document this for them.
We dropped them off yesterday and they both ran off playing with all the toys UNTIL we walked out the door. Now I was sure Ella would throw a rager on them but once we walked out it was Edie who screamed and tried opening the door to follow us. We stuck around for a while to make she would stop crying and she did. UNTIL she saw us peeking at her through a little TINY window that we though she couldn't see us through. The girl may have Xray eyes!!! So again we waited out the crying and went on home. I know you are thinking we went home, kicked back and ate oreos......but we did NOT. We had to undecorate our house. It's way more fun to decorate for Christmas than it is to undecorate. And yes I do realize that I may have made that word up. You like?
They did fabulously ... we know this because they were sent home with a report card. I should take a picture of that and their artwork. We'll see. They both finger painted and colored. They ate well with Ella having seconds on the quesadilla and Jon letting the teacher know she gets that from her mother. Even though he has gotten up in the middle of the night to eat bananas and chocolate. The MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT PEOPLE!!! Anyway I kid....she does get her love of all things food (well most things food ... I don't do liver, hominy or creamy corn) from me.


Tracy said...

You're so funny. :)

This post put a bad feeling in the pit of my stomach, because I know this day is coming and I don't know that I can bear it! Maybe by the time they're closer to 2 I'll be ready.

Rebecca said...

That is so great! We just sent off the deposit for the 2's program at our church...I can't believe it! Bananas and chocolate and he's throwing you under the bus??? Bad husband ;)