Wednesday, January 27, 2010

We have had a massive amount of rain here lately! Not flooding, ark building rain but enough to notice when you are cooped up with TWO TWO year olds!!!! Our fun has gotten creative!!! But we have managed to have fun indoors. Messes are plentiful!!! And thanks to my awesome new camera you can have a taste of the rain drops!!!

Aunt Kaye gave Edie and Ella an Aqua Doodle for Christmas!!! That has been great for some indoor water lovers!!! And their mommy....

And it's great because in the midst of all your doodling ... when you get thirsty ... you can just suck the water from the tip of the water pen!!!

And when your mommy hogs the doodle pad you can paint the wall with water......

Ella thinks we have the wine cooler temperature set too high ....."no mommy I think 55 is the right temp!"

Edie says ... "I agree with mommy .... 58 is just right"

They are making RNs smaller these days....

And a bit more evil ....muahahahahahahah!!!!

Ella loves to run!!! She will run from you or to you depending on what you have for her. If it's a toothbrush or diaper or PJs ...there she goes! If it's a cookie or juice here she comes......and she always has this look of ....well weirdness on her face. See for yourselves and nevermind the mac n cheese and ketchup crust.....

I had something else in mind for these V Day stickers....but obviously Edie had her own adorable agenda!!!

I had a CRAPTASTIC day at work today!!! That's the thing with nursing ... you really never know what's in store for you! You show up, get your assignment.....sometimes it's good and often times it's NOT!!! But it's a great profession. I am thankful to not worry about losing my job every day and I do realize that the patients that I have are having much worse days than me. But today we were working 3 nurses short and that stunk!!! HOWEVER I came home to a fantastic package. Now if you know me .... you know I LOVE packages. My husband being the sweetheart that he is ... knows this so well that even when he gets a package he saves it for me to open!!! I know huh!!! I've FINALLY got him sort of trained!!!! SORT OF!!! Well I came home to a super surprise from my SIL Kaye ....out of the blue!!! I have apparently made it clear to her and all that I love cupcakes and wine....even better when served together. So she sent me this.......

And with all the CRAPTASTICNESS .....I immediately put it to use........Thank you Kaye!!!! LOVE IT!!!


Tracy said...

For what it's worth, when Scott was in the hospital last year, the nurses made ALL the difference. I have fond memories of many of them.

I'm really enjoying your new camera. :)

Rebecca said...

Love the wine stopper.
Love the pictures.
Hate the rain.
Hate when kids run away from the toothbrush (what's with that anyway?).
Love nurses.
Love packages.
Jealous of your camera.
Not jealous of being cooped up with 2 two year olds!

Rebecca said...

Oh, and apparently I must get an Aqua Doodle!

Missy (Two Little Monkeys) said...

Rain, Rain go away for us too!
But it does make for beautiful pictures!
Love that sweet pictures of your girls! And I love that cupcake wine stopper! Too cute!