Monday, November 3, 2008


Why no pictures yet you ask........well quit asking 'cause I'm not in the mood. Just kidding but things are STILL upside down here. Before babies I would have been unpacked by now...with babies...well let's just say I have a long road of unpacking.
It seems that the "obstacle" lords are shining down on us too......let's see here....

1.) We haven't gotten a good rain in about 2 years.....UNTIL this weekend. Our weekend to move! It's still pouring out there. Yeah I know we needed the rain but seriously. This weekend?
2.) One of our cats is missing. Tabasco. Jon let him out Saturday night because he was howling SO loudly...well he has yet to come home. He tends to be more independant than our other cat but I worry that since he doesn't know the new area he may be lost. And the rain. fingers are crossed and we each head out to scour the neighborhood periodically.
3.) Rubi is a little stressed with the move. She squirted about a gallon of smelly doggy diarrhea all over the carpet at around 3am this I had to scoop poop and scrub the carpet for about an hour in the middle of the stupid night on top of these munchkins STILL not sleeping worth a crap. Poor Jon after working 12 hours last night had to run to Home Depot this morning to rent a carpet steam cleaner...I did get a picture of that! It worked and the big brown poopy stains are a thing of the past......carpet sucks! Ella pooped on it Saturday so that stain was steamed as well.
4.) Our telephone doesn't work...they are on their way right now to check it out. So if I didn't know how to steal wireless...well I would be more pissed about that than I am.
5.) That's it!!!
Wow...I don't mean to complain but this has not been a fun weekend. If I could get some sleep it would be a little better. I also don't do well when things are in disarray...if I could unpack a little quicker that would be awesome.
Next and no complaining........PINKY SWEAR!!!


Amanda said...

Ugh, I hate moving. I dont blame you a bit for complaining!!!

Jen said...

Sam, I just moved myself and still have 3 unpacked boxes. I do not know when I will get too them. Hang in there!

And Baby Makes Three said...

Complain away...I can't imagine moving with one and you have TWO little ones that are mobile!!! Hang in there...the new house is so with it!

The Adventures of Carrie, Brook, Finn and Reid said...

I agree...moving does suck! We were very lucky to have Brook's parents watch the kids for 12 hours for us to unload our storage unit and get the new house operational before the boys came "home".

Like you, with our new house came a lot more carpet! One of our first purchases was a steam cleaner at Costco! :) We've used it several times...very good for the stomach flu! It was $180 and we've certainly got our monies worth!

Good luck and we can't wait to see pictures!!!!!

Rebecca said...

Just found your blog through another...your girls are beautiful and moving sucks ass! Good luck with all of it and complain if you want...