Saturday, November 1, 2008

New town, new house, new tooth......well new half a tooth

No pictures this time.....soon though!!!

So we are nearly all moved over to our new house...we still have about 2 small loads left in the old garage...mostly CRAP... even though I got rid of 2 kidding.....we still have tons of CRAP. We spent our first night here last night and Ella got so excited she popped half of one of her bottom teeth through...she was determined to do at least one thing before Edie. Which speaking loving all the crawling room she has now.......and the carpet....such great traction. She is fast and determined!!! Our new house is twice the size of our old's AWESOME. I will post pictures once we get all moved in.

I learned a new word this week. Well actually it's an old word but I learned a new meaning of it...Now! Did any of you know that the word husband in Swahili actually means LAZY????


Missy said...

YAY! A new tooth, new house & new crawling-around space! Congratulations on moving in & spending the night in your new house! Can't wait for pics!

Nicole O'Dell said...

Congratulations on the move! That must feel awesome!