Monday, December 21, 2009

Christmas Shopping NOT fun if it's not online!!!

We have had a bit of busyness going on around here!!! We hosted our third annual minus 2 years(because I was pregnant and had newborn twins for two years) .... but anyway ... for the unit I work in the hospital. The Cardiac Telemetry Unit!!! I love doing it and it always seems to turn out AWESOME!!! Thanks to the cash from the hospital and a couple of the doctors and my love of all things party planning!!!
It wasn't until yesterday after the party that I realized I had not bought a single gift for my children or my husband. I had list after list after list lined up but nothing tangible. So I had (begged) our sweet little babysitters Nicole and Jenna over and they watched the girls while I went out to buy presents and fight for my life .....nearly!!! It was only after my Christmas week shopping experience that I came up with a few rules that if we could all abide by would make this crunch time a bit more tolerable.
1) Crosswalks ..... are just that!!! Walk over to them and walk ACROSS them. Don't walk if you don't see white lines because that causes cars to stop every 2.5 seconds to let your selfish uncrosswalking self along.
2) If you are too fat (now we all know I am not skinny so please don't get offended) but I mean if you are so fat that it causes you to walk slow .... you especially need to use the crosswalk. There is almost nothing worse than waiting for someone to struggle along while they JAYWALK!!!
3) If you are in a wheelchair....then CROSSWHEEL!!! Just remember WHITE LINES are your friend!!!
4) If you are in the crosswalk ... I totally appreciate your effort ... But...BUT if you are texting it totally voids the entire effort because ....I mean seriously can't you wait for 2.5 seconds to reply to that stupid text. And, AND if you are pretend texting while in the crosswalk ...... IT AIN'T move on!!!
Now while in the store...
5) If you are browsing....COOL!!! Most of us who shop browse!!! But seriously .... BRING YOUR CART WITH YOU!!!!!!! Please, Please Please....don't leave it cross ways in the freaking aisle!!!!!!
6) When you see a friend.....of course GREET THEM!!! Hug them, kiss them, ask about their children.....but AGAIN take your stupid cart with YOU!!!!!!

7) And nothing to do with shoppers but a little lesson learned today ...... if you see some cool looking wrapping paper and think to yourself ......."wow 2.00 a roll what a steal" .......just know IT IS a steal. They are stealing from is CRAP!!!

I love Christmas.....really I do!!!

Now onto the cuteness and fun stuff !!!
So I did not get many good pictures from our Christmas party even though I made sure to have the space and batteries on my's a TON of work to be a good hostess!!! I simply forgot to take pictures while everything still looked pretty. But I did get some and here are a few.
When we had our Alabama baby shower Jon's sisters had this awesome pink feather tree ... so I decided to us it with my Christmas decorations this year ...... my semi theme was trees and wreaths so it was perfect

Here are all the presents for Edie, Ella and Jon so can imagine my issues with placing packages under a tree on the same level as 2 another job for the pool table!!! It really has come in handy!!!

So some randomness from the party .... some girls.....and me somehow seeming to feel up my friend Sara!!!

Here is Dr. Korver ... our beloved heart surgeon .... he contributed much of the money that I was able to use to make the party even better!!!

Sara and Rob ..... now Sara was my preceptor when I was a new RN and she ROCKS!!! I love working with her!!! And her husband is no eye sore either!!!


Our managers husband......

Our manager there in the red .....with her thumbs up ..... I don't think she was dancing ??!!

Just party fun.....

Here is how my husband prepares for a party .....those who know him GASP!!!!

Looks good.....

Tastes good.....

Feels Edie and Ella got the most adorable little dolls from their aunts Jennifer and Alice!!! OMG ....they are so cute. I am so glad to know now why Amber has ignored me .....hahahahha!!! I can't remember how to link but if you look at my blogroll and see Lovell Family Updates and/or let me know ....she may be able to hook you up!!! They are Alabama Crimson Tide themed (of course) and so stinking cute and you really canNOT tell they are handmade ... other than the fact that I am telling you they are!!! GOOD JOB AMBER......they are so GREAT!!!

Ella loves brownie bites....but who doesn't right !?!

Here is my downstairs "guest" bathroom ...... sort of decorated......never mind the streaks can't tell in real life!!!

Ella Grace ....sweet cup hugger, finger sucker and short toesy girl!!!

Edie ....CUTE

Edie says ......"who says Desitin is just for booties"

A little sisterly sharing of the raisins.....


Missy (Two Little Monkeys) said...

Your girls are getting so big and can they get any prettier?!?! They are adorable!!!
I have got to have two of those Beautiful Alabama dolls. Where did you get them?

Esther and Brian said...

OMG! You cracked me up! And you are so right about all the Christmas shopping and people! It's stressful to get out these days! But guess what? Boys need new PJs: Children's Place here we come! Wish us luck!!!!


Adriane said...

Thanks for the crosswalk rules! HAHA! Looks like you had a good party - so much work, I can't imagine. Can't BELIEVE all the gifts you have wrapped. I am so jealous. Love the cute pics of the girls.

P.S. Was your manager doing the Elaine dance? :-)

Danifred said...

I would like to add this one to the crosswalk rant:
Just because you think you're ghetto... WALK FASTER!!!!

Your party looked like a ton of fun- horray for parties!!!!!

Can't wait to see the pictures of the girls digging into their gifts.

Rebecca said...

The crosswalk rant is priceless. The girls are so adorable...those dolls...what can I say? Have a Merry Christmas and try not to run anyone down!