Sunday, December 27, 2009

Still looking for the hidden camera!!!

Both Jon and I were so excited to see Edie and Ella's Christmas morning reaction. He had to work Christmas Eve night so we thought we would open our gifts then he could go to bed for a nap before heading over to our friends' house for dinner. Well all of these things happened BUT the process of making them all happen turned our Christmas morning/entire day into a friggin disaster ... leaving both of us wondering if we will ever do it again. Seriously folks we may just ban all things Christmas next year.....not really but trust me when I say it was bad. And if you find yourselves laughing through this post just remember that Santa is already watching ...again, I kid because I have been laughing (now that it's all over) ... I mean it's hard not to. Right?!?
So here goes......

I waited for Jon to get home from work before bringing the girls downstairs .... we both knew that (or thought we knew) they would be amazed by the under tree transformation. They notice every little change these days ..... they did not disappoint (yet!) Edie exclaimed "WOOOOOOOOOW" and Ella yelled something in her native tongue (if you have not heard her speak in her native tongue yet scroll down a ways to watch a video).....Jon decided he wanted video on the camcorder and of course we could not find any cd's. I planned to just use my camera for video .....that is if there were any good video to get ....and of course there was NOT!!! So once he finally scrounged up a disc we started with the opening of presents. Well they loved it at first then started getting cranky .. neither of them have been feeling really well with runny noses and all. Jon was overly tired because he had taken care of a really complicated patient the night before, one that kept him running ALL NIGHT!!! We got most of the gifts open ... except for my last one and one for the girls that still sits unopened under the tree. It was a disaster at this point and I can't even put my finger on why really .... it has just gone nuts!!!
Jon and I decided to not spend much money on ourselves and instead helped another family. Well as I opened my first two gifts I have to be honest and say I was thinking ......"Geez you don't have to spend much money to be thoughtful" ....I opened a box of Sham.Wow rags (yeah!!!) and a tea kettle which Jon has been dying for. So on top of all the chaos, I was feeling a little under appreciated. (Slightly selfish? Maybe! But seriously Sham.Wow?!?), the you know what hit the fan with the girls running mad and I didn't end up opening my last (MOST AWESOME) gift until later in the night. I am glad though in hind sight because I don't think I would have been able to get super excited about it like I did later. I do have go give honorable mention to the other cool gift I got though before I move on. A Bis.sell steam mop ... I used her last night and she ROCKS!!! I love that thing!!!
So please be aware that my portrayal of these next chain of events is sketchy .... it is sort of a blur because it all happened so quick .....and even though we all know that I love to be dramatic ....this has NOT, I repeat NOT been dramatized!!!
Jon went to bed.
I look into the kitchen and Edie is standing at the counter, on a chair that she pushed up, with my HOT coffee cup upside down. In my mind it was HOT but in reality it was only luke warm. Thankfully! But my reaction was based on a blazing hot cup full of coffee. I ran in and grabbed her and threw her off to the side (I didn't really throw her ...just quickly placed). I intended to check her for burns (even though she was not crying)(YET!) Instead I slipped in the coffee, knocked the chair over sending it flying across the kitchen floor.....right into my lower oven door. Which of course SHATTERED. And being the safety glass that it is.....shattered into a trillion tiny pieces!!! Sidenote: I am fine and Edie was not burned. So I had to run upstairs to get Jon to help me...he was so tired that he could probably have fallen asleep standing up but he didn't!!!
Here is what my beautiful oven looks like now .... even though it wasn't so beautiful before!!!

Then I put the girls down for a nap after all the cranky tiredness and the kitchen drama. While they rested I thought I should make the sweet potato casserole that we were to bring to the dinner. Of course garbage disposals and sweet potato peelings don't really get along. And I found out the hard way.

Out of desperation I turned to Dr. Google and found this AWESOME and easy repair ....and it WORKED. Jon tried to fix it and ran out of time because he had to go to work and the plumber was going to charge 200.00 PER HOUR to come out. I mean seriously !?! So some folks with the same issues on the internet recommended stopping up the clear side of the sink and plunging and wouldn't you worked like a charm!!!
And that my dears is why we want a Christmas do-over!!!!
We did have a nice time (minus two little girls running on fumes and two spent parents trying to control their chaos) ... I regret not taking my camera to the dinner but .....well, you can imagine why I didn't!!!

And Rubi decided hang it up!!



Danifred said...

Holy craziness! I'd want a mini do-over too. Glad everyone made it out unscathed.

Erica said...

Glad y'all survived your crack me up with your story telling! Love the tutus on the girls....and on Rubi too! happy new year!

Adriane said...

HAHA! Your Christmas sounds like a Griswold movie! Glad you survived it!!!! The girls dress up stuff is adorable. Hope they are feeling better!!!! Happy Holidays!