Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Girls night ....with one boy!!!

Since it's such a challenge to find a babysitter (not that I have tried much)(but people feel more sorry for me if I say it that way) .... and Jon works EVERY weekend NIGHT .... my girls and I have started having people over. A couple weeks back we had my friend Kelly and her girlies over. Last night we had Rachael and her little one, Liam over..... even though he is a boy. Her mom lives in Louisiana and the last time she visited she made a bunch of etouffee (I really should know how to spell that)(but I don't) .... it's a yummy dish ... sort of a stew. It had a potful of CRAWFISH!!!! Oh yeah ....it was good. Rachael even left the leftovers for me ...ahem Jon!!!
So we played and ate and drank wine and pink lemonade!!! Liam is a fun little guy .... all boy!!!
Ella supervised him ALOT......
supervising and rocking her baby.....
"did you see that? COOL"
a little distracted but holding tight to the baby!
Rachael .... her mom is a magician in the kitchen!!!
Liam .... isn't he sweet!!!

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Rebecca said...

Fun! Like your own little date nights with your friends!