Thursday, April 1, 2010

I absolutely canNOT upload pictures.....I have been trying and will continue to try!!! So sorry peeps......because I have some awesome ones!!!

I may switch over to wordpress ... I actually have set up an account already but it seems so complicated compared to Blogger ....GEEZ!!!!

Anyone have any input on Wordpress ... will I get used to all the stuff everywhere??? Will I have time??? Help meeeeeee!!!

There is no way to call/email blogger support anymore so I am left to figure it out in my spare time.....which we all know I have oodles of!!!! Those of you on Facebook have seen some of the cuteness but those that aren't I promise to get caught up .....don't quit me/us!!!!

We got Ella and Edie's first "school" pictures today ....the cuteness is un freaking real!!!! Brought tears to my eyes did they get them to pose? POSE???? So sweet!!!!

Hang in there with me ... I WILL get this figured out!!!!


Melanie said...

You could always upload them to photobucket (or somewhere similar) and just link them here instead.

Rebecca said...

I had issues a week ago, but they seemed resolved the next's been going on for a while though? That sucks! I love your pictures!

Try this the bottom, they have contact info:

holly said...

try posterous!!