Saturday, June 7, 2008


how cute can 2 babes get ?????? We have had a couple of photo shoots over the past couple of days. I am by no means a photographer (as you can see) but considering the cuteness of my subjects - not much skill is needed. That's just my humble, unbiased opinion.
I am not sure I have ever seen anything cuter than a newborn sized mini skirt !!!!!!!!!!!

here is one with Ella looking at the camera
here is one with Edie posing
Edie saying "get out of my photo shoot"
"mommy, Ella won't get out of my photo shoot"
I love this one of Edie sleeping in my bed this morning


Edie !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


sara said...

Your comments people told you when having twins has me laughing, especially the ones about "twins?" As if you didn't know you are having two babies. People are crazy. You and I should make some kind of witty T-shirt for pregnant women and new moms to wear that helps advertise that we don't want crazy advice. I think someone once called it assvice - now that is more accurate :-) I'm done griping. In real life I'm a wimp and just smile when people tell me crazy things, so I have to complain about them online. Gorgeous pictures, did you take a lot when you were pregnant with them? I need to start taking more because I barely have any that my mom took when she was pregnant or I was little. I want my kids to have a ton. Your pictures always turn out very nice :-)

edie & ella said...

I didn't start taking belly shots until really late in my pregnancy -- the first post on my blog I think somewhere in the 30s (weeks). I regret not taking more but I had done quite a bit of "emotional eating" throughout the IVF and was not too proud of my belly until it got real big. I should not have cared then BUT I was silly. You are nice and small so it would be fun for you to watch yourself grow. I weighed around 150 by the time I got pregnant (135 before everything).... chunky monkey!!!
I love the "assvice" idea -- I also love the t-shirt idea -- forget this medical business -- t-shirt may be where it's at!!!! sam

Keleakai said...

Even from here in Vietnam I can see how BEAUTIFUL the girls are- please keep the "photo shoots" coming!
Love you all, Keleakai

Erin said...

Thanks for the advice. I keep teling DH that I have irregular heart beats also, and they were discovered when I was 7. I've been fine. As for the boil, he is going to have it cultured and tested for all kinds of things, since it has been resistant to antibiotics. It's just that it's all at once. Thanks for the kind words. I may be picking your brain some more once he sees the cardiologist.