Saturday, June 14, 2008

Our new friend Bumbo !!!!!!

I bought this awesome seat for Edie and Ella -- the Bumbo seat. They love, love, love it!!! It may be the cutest thing ever too. To see tiny little folks sitting in a chair. It's designed for infants who can hold their heads up but can't yet sit up alone. I put 1 baby in the seat on the kitchen counter while I bathe the other in the sink. They just sit and wait so patiently now!! So here are some demonstration pictures...............

Here is Ella -- hamming it up.
And another. Now isn't it cute. Her tiny little body. Sitting in a seat.
Now Edie. Amazingly likes the seat too.
I keep telling her it's not a surfboard but she insists...........
Here is Ella waiting her turn in the bath line...........
Well -- Edie almost always likes it...........this was her first time so she wasn't too sure about it yet
aaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh that's better. It's all good now!!!
Now here they are posing in some of their pretty new dresses !!!!!
I dare you to tell me you have seen anything cuter............. there is no possible way.

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