Friday, June 27, 2008

For Sale

Two babies. Very adorable. Both love to smile and one even laughs hysterically at times. They do like to eat alot and their food is quite expensive but I am willingy to shave a little off the price for the right customer. They do poop alot and the diapers are expensive as well.
Included in the (negotiable) sale price are:

Start up kit -- which includes a diaper bag, diapers for 1 week, formula for 1 week and clothes
Insurance cards
Car seats and stroller
Swings and bouncy seats
Bumbo seats
etc, etc.............

Also included are 2 very adorable, high maintenance tiny humans who for the life of me WILL NOT SLEEP. The catch is that I would like them back from 8am to 8pm (along with said equipment)..... So how does that sound you get 2 adorable tiny humans to cuddle with as you lie awake all night long.......... for the low low price of -- negotiable!!!!!!!!

(disclaimer: CPS I do not intend to really sell my children -- lighten up already)


Maren said...

I'll take em'!

I'll give you two boys roughly the same age who don't sleep much either in exchange....hmmmm... probably not the negotiation you were looking for :)

Carrie & Brook said...

First off, glad to hear that the mastitis is gone!

Regarding the sale of E & E...I'll take 'em too! But, I have to tell you...I remember this stage and your husband just look at eachother and say, "WHAT HAPPENED?!?". As my friend Tracey always says, it changes as fast as it changes! They'll be back on track...don't you worry.

In the mean time, I hope that you can get SOME amount of sleep!

Keeping The Faith said...

:-) No Thanks...Have my hands full over here. I barely remember that stage. I'm completely upside down and bonkers from this one week of sleepless nights and endless crying from my Matthew.

I hope you find some relief soon. It's kind of like torture don't you think.

If I remember correctly my twins turned a real corner around 4 months and started sleeping well.

Lisa said...

Hilarious! I'm so sorry you're having such a difficult time with their sleep schedules. I don't want to make it sound any less difficult, but most of us have been there! I promise, it does get better!

There are some times that they just won't sleep for anything. Usually, after the fact, we discovered the reason for the lack of sleep and we'd ask ourselves how we could have missed it. You will sleep again. It will happen.

It sounds like your bedtime routine is good. Keep it up and stay strong. You'll get through!


Amanda said...

LOL...I know the feeling!!!

Sorry...can't take you up on your offer, we are lucky to ger 2 or 3 hours of sleep at a time as it is!

sara said...

All right all right, I'll take them. Can you throw in some chocolate cake with the purchase? If not I may have to think about the deal, LOL!