Sunday, June 22, 2008

Tag -- I'm it !!!

I have been tagged. This is actually the second time I have been tagged but I forgot to do the first one sooooooooooo... here goes! For my non blogging friends and family -- this is not an Edie and Ella post. It's just something that is done in the blogging world -- I don't know why but if I want to be a part of this group I must play nice.

Three jobs I've never done that I think I'd be good at:

1. Party planner

2. Doctor -- I love being a nurse but sometimes fantasize about being an MD

3. Professional sleeper -- right now I would be real good at this profession

Three Foods I Ate Today:

1. Smart Ones Chicken Enchilada Monterey

2. Fiber One Bar (my new favorite treat) only 2 weightwatcher points!!!

3. cheese and crackers

Three Things I've Bought in the Last Week:

1. Cotton Halo Sleep Sacks

2. 2 new dresses

3. groceries

Three Random Facts About Me:

1. I lived in foster homes as a child

2. I used to LOVE to talk on the phone and now I hate it

3. I hate to exercise BUT I want to be skinny

Three Facts About My Pregnancy:

1. I was apparently made to carry twins -- I had not 1 single complication

2. It took 3 rounds of IVF before I became pregnant

3. my pregnancy produced the most adorable set of twins

Three People I'm Tagging:

Lets seeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee............... How about

Well -- how about whoever reads this and wants to do it --- GO AHEAD.... it's actually kind of fun.


Maren said...

Have you used the sleep sacks? Do you recommend them? I suck at swaddling so we were thinking about getting the halo sacks.

sara said...

Those are always fun to read! I'll have to try those fiber one bars. I'm hooked on their yogurt, it's not too bad and 5 whole grams! Pooping is the highlight of my day these days. I have to agree, your IVF did produce the cutest set of twins :-)

Amanda said...

If you find a business that is hiring professional sleepers, let me know!

Keeping The Faith said...

not 1 complication...I had enough complications for a dozen women. Funny how the misery of it has started to fade already. Makes me think just maybe I could do it again...(must be lack of sleep talking here) Can you imagine, the twins in a double stroller and a newborn in a baby bjorn if I ever wanted to get out of the house...

I love love love our sleep sacks! Keeps them cozy and less worry of SIDS.

Carrie & Brook said...

I always wanted to be a Party Planner too...!

Carrie & Brook said...

I always wanted to be a Party Planner too...!