Tuesday, March 4, 2008

35 weeks 4 days -- oh my !!

Here is a picture of my belly -- something to be proud of. The big fat arms -- another story !!!
I went in for my weekly non stress test this morning. I normally lay there without incident, the babies are fine and I go home. Well today -- the babies were great BUT my tired uterus was contracting fairly often. For a while every 2 minutes then it settled back to every 6-7 minutes. They were not strong contractions so they sent me home to rest and drink plenty of fluids. If the contractions get stronger and/or remain frequent I am to call but it may mean nothing so noone seemed too worried. At my last doctors appointment my uterus measured 43 weeks which in the land of singleton gestators (is that a word?) would make me the size of a 3 week overdue momma -- so it's no suprise that my uterus is spent. I mean enough is enough right !!!

As luck would have it -- we are in the midst of a streak of spring like days and where am I ??? Laying here on the internet. But it is all for a good cause and I have nothing to complain about if this is the worst that has happened so far this pregnancy. Besides -- I have not been instructed to be on "strict bedrest" just take it easy. I just want to keep them in for at least 1 more week if possible so here I will lie.


Angie said...

Wow! You look great!!

Thanks for commenting on my blog - so sweet of you! You are so right, I will get many comments now and over the course of my entire pregnancy so I need to just let those inner voices cuss them out!! I love that idea. I'm excited to begin this journey but there are still those days when I think, "Oh shit, what have I gotten myself into?" =) I'm so excited for the end result - now more than ever!

Thanks again for your kind words and I wish you nothing but great things and lots of luck throughout the next few weeks! Praying for strength and peace and I will be stalking for pictures of those little miracles! (But hopefully they bake for a little while longer!)

Jeremy said...

hi sam,
you look great and are great at being pregnant -- but do you think you really should be eating vietnamese food instead of lying down resting?

anyway, can't wait to meet the girls:)

love, jeremy