Sunday, March 9, 2008


We have finally gotten a car large enough to carry our expanding family. Talk about down to the wire huh !!! With 2 car seats, diaper bag, 22 foot long stroller, groceries, etc. my little "fun" BMW just wasn't going to cut it. So -- Jon gets the beamer and I get my very first - brand spanking new car -- it now has 51 miles on it. Who new Saturn had such a great car -- love the idea of the crossover SUV -- not too small, not too big, decent gas mileage (better than a minivan)!!! Oh yeah -- most importantly with 2 babies on they way -- not too expensive!!!

Has anyone notices I love !!!!!!!!!!!!! and -----------------


Angie said...

I love the car! Now only a few more days and you'll have a few added passengers!

Hopeful Mother said...

New reader here! Love the new car - and will be excited to read about your new passengers!

Dennis said...

What happenend to the Jeep??? you mean you cant haul babies in it. I know Jon would have tried.LOL
Hey I love the new Saturn, glad to see you got it. You 4 deserve it. Glad to read all is going so good, I pray for contined great blessings for all.

Anonymous said...

Traveling HWY 1 won't be the same! Did jon really sell his jeep or did you get rid of the BMW? Miss you-Yvonne