Thursday, March 6, 2008

No name calling please

OK -- I can't believe that I am brave enough to post my tree trunk -- I mean leg -- on the internet. I could paint a brave picture and say that HUGE dent along my shin is a shark bite scar from my surfing days in Hawaii. But the fact is I have yet to go to Hawaii so everyone would know I was lying. This - my friends - is hard core pitting edema. I see it on my patients all the time -- but never thought I would end up with such a nasty case of it myself.

I went to the doctor this morning for my weekly check in. She sent me over to the hospital for "monitoring" since my blood pressure was fairly high (150/95), I have gained 19 pounds over the past 3-4 weeks (water weight she assures me), and the huge dent in my shin which means fluid retention. Jon was on the golf course just getting ready to tee off and I had to call him to meet me JUST IN CASE we would have babies today. Oh -- don't feel sorry for him have you noticed that dent in my shin????? Which does go away and only reappears when I dig my heel into my leg by sitting cross legged or something. I actually staged this dent for effect.

I was monitored, had some labwork done and left to eat some high sodium Mexican food. The nurse said it would be ok because "sodium does not effect your swelling unless you have a problem with sodium". Well -- even though that made no sense to Jon and I, we believed her because she is a nurse and must know what she is talking abouth right. Actually, we didn't believe that BUT if you have ever had a craving you don't care about shin dents so much.

SO -- all remains well here. We will wait and see because "things can change at the drop of a hat"

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jane said...

you are too funny,,,,,,,,sitting here laughing like a fool at 4 am...only you Sam!!! woke jim up laughing,,,,,he thinks i have lost it!! thanks for the giggles