Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Change of plans !!!!!!!!!

So -- 15 hours from now we will be parents. There has been a change of date/time for our C-section and it happens to be tomorrow 12:30 sharpish. There was a size difference between the babies today and twin B is showing a tad bit of placental issues -- too complicated for me too explain because I don't fully understand it myself -- but nothing emergent. Since the babies are full term my OB thinks it is a good idea to take them out before we run into troubles. So there you have it -- babies tomorrow -- March 13th!!!!! I will post some photos once we are home.


Anonymous said...

SAAAAAM, we are so excited for you. your belly looks ousome:) And i was a pound an a half smaller than my sister when we were born, and look at me now ;) Gina just told me that we got privelaged to know about change of plance before tha dady, thats funny :)
well, you enjoy you last night of quietness. and have fun tommorow:)

Hopeful Mother said...

Best wishes for a safe delivery and healthy mom & babies!

Carrie & Brook said...

Whoah! That means, by now, you are a mamma! CONGRATS!!

I'll be checking back for pictures!

Happy D-Day!!!

The Dunn Family said...

Oh I'm late to the game! Hope your angels are sleeping peacefully in your arms as I type this (or they are sleeping in the nursery and you are getting some much needed sleep!)

Can't wait to see pics! Congrats momma!

Keeping The Faith said...

Praying everyone is doing great! Healthy Mommy and babies....Can't wait to see the pics. I hope the delivery was uncomplicated and your recovery goes smoothly.


Dennis R. White said...

Congrats Sam and Jon, I pray all is well you 4, and happiness is all that waits ahead.

Anonymous said...

YAAAAAAAAAAAAAY! Congratulations Mama and Daddy. You are a trooper. I can't wait to meet your little pieces of heaven. Love ya!