Saturday, March 1, 2008

I am full of shame !

I ate an entire box of girl scout cookies today. Not in one sitting BUT all in one day!!! My favorite -- Samoas. I don't regret it either!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


jane said...

You go girl!!!! Do it while you can, while you can use the excuse you are eating for 3....he he he i LOVED being pregnant!!

You look wonderful Sam!! Sure wish I could rub your belly!! You may feel huge but you are at your most beautiful!!! We can't wait to see the girls.......LOVE LOVE LOVE the names you have picked out!

Rubi will be the best big sister!! She will be so protective of them and no one will get close to them who should not be there.

We laughed seeing Jon sitting on the couch reading the instructions and I KNEW you were the one on the floor doing the "put together". You guys will be the best parents to those little girls...God Bless

love, Jim and Jane Hiske

Carrie & Brook said...

Wait, wait, wait, WAIT!!! Girl Scout cookies are out???? Or were those the stash from last years that you threw in the freezer??? Mmmm....I can taste a thin mint right now! Where are the girl scout's when I need them?

Anonymous said...

Hey girl,
I have never seen such beautiful babies in my life. I'm at work and will write more later.
Rachel just had her 18th birthday. Can you believe it? She's my baby.
Love you so much,
Sherry Brooks Hattiesburg Ms