Monday, March 17, 2008


Edie -- relaxing on her boppy pillow!!!

Edie -- snuggled in her car seat for the first time

Edie -- trying to decide if she likes the car seat !!!

Edie -- this is her hungry face/cry -- quite loud for a tiny being!!!

Daddy and Edie

Ella -- loving life under the warming bed!!!

Ella -- wondering what just happened?
So -- the girls were born on Thursday 3/13 at 2pm and 2:01pm -- everything was great and they came out screaming. Edie weighed 6 pounds 0 ounces and Ella weighed 4 pounds 10 ounces. Both babies went to the NICU for observation and Edie was back with us by midnight and poor little Ella is still there. She is very healthy just small. First she had trouble eating and over the past 2 days has turned into a tiny hog -- she can eat her sister under the table. Now she is working on maintaining her body temperature. She is doing well with that and will probably come home tomorrow or Wednesday if she continues on her path. We will have better pictures of her once we get her home and into her fashionable attire. They are beautiful and we can't wait to have them both home.


Hopeful Mother said...

Congratulations on your beautiful girls. I'm glad to hear that everyone is healthy!

Can't wait for more updates.

erinn said...

Samantha and John, CONGRATULATIONS, oh my goodness! We are SOOO EXCITED FOR YOU GUYS! We moved into our house the same day you had those beautiful little girls so I haven't had internet or I would have found out and congratulated you sooner! I just heard late last night (Adam's mom checked your site). They are beautiful! I can't wait to meet them. I hope you are doing well and at least getting SOME sleep! Congratulations 100x over! We miss you guys and send our love.
Adam and Erin

Carrie & Brook said...

Congratulations! They are gorgeous! I'm loving the light-colored hair.

Are you glad to NOT be pregnant anymore? Kindof surreal, huh?

I'll be checking back.

I hope that Ella makes it home soon! Then the REAL fun begins! :)

Anonymous said...

congrats to both of you the girls are beautiful hope all is well talk at you soon jimmy m

The Dunn Family said...

Gorgeous! Congrats on your beautiful new family!

jane said...

sam and john.........they are BEAUTIFUL!!!!!! little blondies. our prayers have been answered that all went well for you all.
God jane and jim

Anonymous said...

They are beautiful! I can't wait to hold them and love on them!
T and Richard