Friday, February 29, 2008

My sister Tina sent this to me -- she made it for the babies !!! Isn't it the cutest thing EVER. I have seen these once before at a baby shower and thought they were a great idea -- and now I have my very own. There are lots of useful things tucked into the diaper cake but I am not sure that I could ever bring myself to diassemble it. Thanks Auntie Tina!!
I spent a good part of today looking for kelly green baby hats for the girls to wear on their birthday. I don't want them to be pinched for not wearing green. Well I was not successful BUT I did get bombarded with some rather annoying questions and comments. The sad thing is that the accoster was a store employee not a customer -- you would think she would know better. Those that know me well know that I have a hard time NOT being a smart ass -- but I have decided to bite my tongue more often -- the babies have ears that function now and I want them to think their mommy is perfect and not prone to sassiness (i am sure that is spelled wrong)!! Anyway, I walk into this store and get the usual ---- "awwwww... when are you due, how cute, etc...." I don't mind these questions but the more personal ones are getting to be ridiculous. So using my newly found politeness I try a couple of different tactics ie... not making eye contact, avoiding the side of the store that she is stocking, etc. Well she was not to be deterred --

"wow, 35 weeks, I am suprised you are out and about. Is it ok with your doctor for you to be out? Now come on lady -- what the hell. Do you honestly think if my doctor said I should stay home that I would be out looking for a green hat? I did not say this to her but it was so hard to smile and pretend that I did not hear her.

"I am suprised that you are able to move around so well -- aren't most twins born by now?" -- yes this was the same lady. I did reply to this -- I just wanted to let her know that many twins are carried to term and many mommies have no trouble carrying them. Don't worry I was nice -- but it was becoming increasingly difficult.

"you don't feel them much anymore huh!" -- " when my sister was pregnant with twins 27 years ago........." Well, as a matter of fact I do still feel them THANK GOODNESS because if they didn't move that would be bad and how in the heck can you not feel 10 pounds of baby dancing around in your abdomen??? What does your sisters pregnancy 27 years ago have to do with your prying into my business -- nosy lady???? Of course I did not say these things out loud and fortunately at this point I realized they did not have a kelly green baby hat and I (as politely as I could) said thank you and left.

Now while I can be sassy - I wouldn't say that I am mean. I am actually quite giving. I love being pregnant and don't mind answering the common superficial questions of perfect strangers because I do realize there is a fascination with pregnant women. I was warned that things like this would happen but I never realized to what extent. What possesses strangers to ask such personal questions? Why is it a strangers business if I used fertility treatments? I have read many other blogs and this seems to be a universal problem amongst pregnant women -- so maybe someone should write a book about it --not me I'm having twins remember and I am a nurse not a writer. It could be called something like -- questions that are appropriate for perfect strangers to ask pregnant women. (only give it a shorter more cleaver title).


Keeping The Faith said...

Sweet of your sister to make that for you. Very cute! I love all of the baby gifts... some people get so creative.

I had so many comments during my pregnancy... both positive and negative....I had people (3 different times) tell me that I wasn't big enough "showing enough" to have twins and wasn't I worried that weren't okay. How horrible is that. Of course one was a woman 38 weeks pregnant w/ a singleton and she had literally gained 100 pounds in 9 months so I think she was trying to make herself feel better at my expense.

Something else that always bothered me...was how many times people would say "good luck" or "better you than me" when they found out it was twins.

And everyone asked if it was "natural" conception and if twins ran in our family... and I always just said we got lucky w/out further explanation. (you still get those questions non-stop after they arrive too)

You're doing great!


The Dunn Family said...

Congrats on having a birthday! It's nice to have an end date in sight! Thanks for commenting on my blog.

I got 2 of those diaper cakes at my shower, and as nice and they look, you can bet I opened them right up and used those diapers. You'll need 'em! hehe.

I got so many comments during my pregnancy too, especially people coming right out and asking about IVF or infertility, which is just such a personal question. Depending on my mood, I would be honest, or just lie. It's weird, cause no one every asks a woman pregnant with a singleton about how she conceived.

Good luck!