Monday, July 28, 2008


So to help clear the air between myself and a certain somebody -- we need your vote!!!

Here are the facts:
Said baby mama has:
1) gained a substantial amount of weight both pre and during her twin pregnancy.
2) lost a majority of pregnancy weight (all but say 8 pounds).
3) is doing weightwatchers AND lost 12 pounds over 7 weeks.
4) just got a BOB and started walking an hour/day.
5) does not eat bonbons
6) does not get sleep -- EVER!!!
7) took fertility drugs for an entire year pre pregnancy -- HORMONES HORMONES HORMONES.
8) etc, etc, etc.................

You can cast your vote on the top right -- it's very important that you do because there are bets involved. This is a hypothetical situation -- names have been omitted to protect the innocent (sp). Thank you for your participation in our study..........

**** updated ****
to be fair to hypothetical certain someone -- in this hypothetical situation fat baby mama DID ask.

****UPDATE**** Polls are now closed -- thank you everyone for your vote! Hypothetical certain someone was creamed...... votes were 36:0!!! Fat baby mama may be fat but she's no loser!!!!!!!!!


Erica said...

Just be glad your babies aren't 2 YEARS OLD and you're still hanging on to BABY FAT!!! LOL! It is even harder to lose it now! I am about to start weight watchers and more strenuous exercise!
By the way...did you get my reply comment about pics. I'll be happy to try to edit pics of E&E in Alabama dresses. You can just send them to my email at your convenience! TTFN!

Kim said...

8 pounds left ? That's it after twins- that is incredible. Someone doesn't know what they are talking about. Generally with each pregnancy you are left with a few pounds that like to hang around longer than we would like. But if your babies are only 4 months old that is terrific.

Sometimes it's not 'fat' that we are left with after twins - it's twin skin - the stretched out belly that we didn't have before the twins. And that is not fat and not necessarily fixable either. Having 2 babies takes an incredible toll on your body - and of course after 9 months of eating enough to grow 2 babies it takes a while to get back to our pre-twin pregnancy state!
I hope this 'person' who may be giving you a hard time realizes how amazing you are - and you don't let anyone tell you what you 'should' look like after having twins.
my 2 cents - stop by my site !

this one said...

No way!! I'm I have trying to have baby fat, nevermind actually having had two babies fat. Anyway, sounds like you are doing amazing!

Nicole O'Dell said...

Sounds to me like there are no "innocent" names to protect. lol You should be pat on the back and encouraged, actually even rewarded for all of your hard work and for the aMAZing body that you have. Anyone who can do a year of fertility treatments and drugs, then carry twins and then lose weight while raising said twins should be rewarded with many sparkly, pretty things! And a HUGE thank you!!! KUTGW and don't listen to the voices!

sara said...

8 pounds left - that's all? That is amazing and I think that person should be given congrats and high fives for all of their hard work. That is a job well done!

Anonymous said...

My doc always told me it took 9 months to get this way, it takes 9 months to get it off!
You go girl! You are beating all the moms I know (and I know a lot!).
Love you can't wait to hold those babies!!!!!!!!
Love, Hugs and Kisses,