Tuesday, July 8, 2008


Awwwwww -- sweet little Ella. Sleeping so soundly in her swing. Notice dustbuster under said swing. This is her new naptime lullaby. I have noticed that they fall asleep when I vacuum while they are in their swing -- so since we have a long haired German Shepard and 2 cats our need for frequent vacuuming is high. Well after my third time today I got the wise idea to try out the dustbuster -- and sure enough she fell asleep right before the battery ran dry. Thank goodness for chargers.
We got a portable air conditioner today. We broke down since our "heat waves" started earlier than usual this year. We figured we may be in for a damn long summer without some sort of cooling -- our fans just don't quite cut it. Jon was just saying that with the over pricing of houses in this area you would think they could throw in a bit of air!!! So we have 1 cool room in our house now -- during the day it will be like heaven on earth. The craziness of our temperature extremes here is bizarre -- high 90s by day and mid 50s by night. I hate being hot in my own house so this ac on wheels has me super excited. Bye bye $100 utility bills!


Keeping The Faith said...

I used to put the TV on a "static" channel and that worked miracles. Have you tried that? It'll save you some batteries.

The heat! UGH... We were 113 degrees yesterday (yes you read that right) and are expected to be the same today. Say Hello to Global Warming.

My friend and I together bought over 200sq ft of alphabet floor mats off of eBay. It cost only 68 cents a sq ft and was brand new never opened packages. That was a great deal.

Amanda said...

Very clever of you!!!
As a native Texan, I completely understand being frustrated with the heat! Except you would NEVER find a house without a/c here! Needless to say, we're used to the high electric bills.