Thursday, April 3, 2008

3 weeks old !!!

Of course no photo shoot would be complete without our trademark snuggly photo !!!

Edie -- says "mommy seriously -- why such a bright flash?"

Edie -- just chillin !!!

Ella -- kicked back in her favorite arms -- DADDY !!!!!!!!!!!

Ella says -- " phew all these photos are making me dizzy"

Ella -- precious girl

We got this adorable cookie bouquet today from a secret admirer. There was no card with it so if you sent it to us THANK YOU and please let us know who you are. We LOVE IT !!!

Ella -- loves those daddy hugs

This is how a daddy feeds 2 hungry babies when mommy runs to the store !!!


xavier2001 said...

I found you via a mutual friends website, your girls are adorable!! A tiny part of me misses that itty bitty phase (aside from the whole sleep deprivation thing). Enjoy your girls b/c they grow up just far too fast!

Anonymous said...

I can see the counselor in my godchild already. I saw that little Ella was already trying to console Edie. She has a long road ahead of her!! I will call you soon. I know ya'll are both so busy I hate to call too often. Love, Yvonne