Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Funny things.............

Ella Grace is still not quite ready for the 0 - 3 month clothes -- these are supposed to be capri pants -- HA!!!

" I hate these capris" -- yells Ella

Edie is just bored with it all

now she seems confused -- this focusing thing is not as easy as it looks ya'll !!!

Oh so sweet -- Ella

After we posted how much Ella loves her mommy she insisted that we let you know she also loves her daddy -- she did not want him to get jealous.

Could Edie be any more relaxed????????????

A different angle of Edie kicked back on the boppy -- this was our first 90 degree day here in Sonoma County -- no air conditioning stinks!!!

Yes you are seeing this correctly -- that is Rubi with a stolen pacifier. I have not officially caught her in the act but I do suspect on more than 1 occasion she has stolen these directly from the mouths of babes. I suspect this because I have given one or the other baby a pacifier, held it in place for several minutes (a big huge pain but oh so worth it) and when I return to the room the pacifier has gone from the babies mouth to Rubis -- just like that !!!!

Ella begs ----- "please no more pictures"

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Jeremy said...

These are the most beautiful baby girls in the world!!!!
Thank you for sharing their pictures and funny stories.
Lots of Love, Auntie Keleakai