Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Photo Shoot !!!!!!!!!!

We had a professional photographer come to our house last week and she did a fabulous job. We got the link to our proofs this morning so as promised I wanted to share. THEY ARE AWESOME !!! There are alot of them !!!
If you wish to browse through them follow the link and instructions below.


click ENTER under the photo of the cute baby to get into her site
click VIEW PROOFS on bottom right
click edie claire and ella grace link

you will have to enter our email address and password

jmrbt@sbcglobal.net and marbut is the password

It is better to view as slideshow -- you will see that option at the top !!! I warn you there are some ADORABLE photos in there !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Let me know what you think


The Dunn Family said...

GORGEOUS! I especially love the black and white ones! That's one thing that in hindsight I wish I had done. They really came out beautiful!

Angie said...

These turned out amazing!! I love them all! They are such tiny little peanuts - so adorable!!! Oh and I love how you got some shots of baby #3 at the end, your dog cracks me up!! :) Precious...

erinn said...

Oh, these pictures are incredible, your little girls are so beautiful! I love the family portrait. I was also CRACKING UP seeing the pictures of them in the Alabama caps...CRYING! LOL, too funny. Sorry Jon, doesn't look like they are fans yet...

Carrie & Brook said...

Beautiful! I wish I had forked over the cash for some photos like that! So cute!!