Monday, April 28, 2008

Mystery solved !!!!!!!!!!!!

So a few weeks back I posted a picture of that adorable cookie bouquet and asked the mystery sender to let us know -- well I finally got to the bottom of it. As romantic as it was to think that Edie and Ella already had their very own secret admirer -- it was my friend Cynthia. We have been friends since age 5. I am the kid at the top of the slide parade with the homemade tomboy haircut -- hey I grew up a little on the white trash side ok -- but look at that awesome tan. She is the striking blonde just below me. That is her sister Cheryl directly under her -- and I can't remember the other cute kid. If I were a bit more scanner savy and could get the picture larger you could quite possibly see the "grandma beads" in the bends of my arms and around my neck. For those who did not grow up in south Louisiana -- when you play outside all day (especially in a dusty old trailer park) you get these lines of moist dust (i guess that's the best way to describe it) -- it's damn humid down there. The moist dust strands can often be mistaken for black pearl necklaces/bracelets -- ok ok that's not true but for some strange reason I (quite possibly we) always referred to them as "grandma beads" -- stupid I know -- maybe it was all the dust!!!!
Thank you Cynthia !!!!!!!!! It's hard to believe we have been friends for this long -- just shy of 30 years -- we are getting old!!!!!!!!!

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