Monday, April 7, 2008

Angel Girls !!!

Edie -- pretending to be asleep and pretty in pink and ladybugs !!!

Ella -- being swallowed up by her boppy pillow. Don't worry I saved her after the photo op!!!

Our au pair -- Rubi !!! She was babysitting as a way of buttering my up after I found her on the counter stealing cat food -- (see photo below).

Rubi and Gumbo -- dog and cat partners in crime. We keep the cat food on the counter to protect it and the kitties from the dog -- as you can see it's quite effective !!!

Ella says -- could someone get this girl some milk!!!!!!!!!!

Cozy sleepers !!!

Edie and Ella at their first party. We went to our friend Langstons 8th birthday party on Saturday. Good times had by all.

What a beauty -- Edie sleeps so peacefully.
The girls are doing great. They both LOVE to eat !!! They both LOVE to sleep !!!! They both Love to poop !!!!! We hold them alot and they have gotten quite used to that arrangement so we are perfecting the art of baby wearing.
We had a photographer come to the house this morning for a "real" photo shoot (as opposed to a mommy photo shoot). We will have the proofs for viewing within a week so I will post that info here for anyone interested in viewing their shots. She is quite creative and Jon and I were very happy with our choice to have her do the photos. Edie and Ella took turns being cooperative -- Edie especially loved the nude part of the session. I think she actually loved lying on her tummy more than anything and she happened to be nude.
You can see their hilarious hospital photos at click on services then web nursery and pick their birthdate March 13 -- funny stuff !!!


Angie said...

They are little angels! I had to laugh at the dog on the counter picture! If mine was clever enough, she'd figure out how to do that too! Oh and I checked out the hospital pictures, so funny!! Can't wait to see the professional proofs, I bet they turned out great!

Keeping The Faith said...

Sam...they are just too cute. Truly beautiful little girls. I looked at their pics on the hospital site and laughed. Looked very relaxed and all lounged out. I love all of the pictures you post. And the one of your dog on the counter is hilarious. Looks like your dog needs to join my two in doggy school.

I can't believe how fast our babies grow. My boys were that size less than 6 months ago.

Thanks for checking on me. Its been hectic these last few weeks but things are much calmer now.