Wednesday, April 23, 2008

WARNING !!! Cute babies -- enter at your own risk !!

The black sheep of the family -- Edie sleeping through American Idol

Ella Grace -- loves her Daddy

Edie Claire loves him too

Daddy loves his sweet girls !!!! It's just a big ole love fest here -- angel babies.

Aunti Keleakai mastering the "twin hold" !!!!!!!!

Ella Grace

Edie Claire -- says come back here mr. toy !!!!

"hey that thing is singing to me" says Edie

"this activity mat is not as boring as it was yesterday"

Ella loves to pose for the camera -- has anyone else noticed that?

Too cute !!!!!!!!!!


Keeping The Faith said...

Adorable... What could possibly be cuter than pictures of babies. You never post any pics of you w/ the girls. Hopefully you're taking a bunch and just not posting them although you should :-) So...which professional pics did you go with? That had to be tough... I'm going to go all out and not worry about money for professional photos of the family when the boys are a year. It goes so fast that you just have to do the best you can to record the memories and precious moments. I watch the video tapes we take regularly and get shocked at how fast they've grown in such a short time.


The Dunn Family said...

They are so cute!! I just love all the pics, keep 'em coming!

Also, I tagged you. Details on my blog. Feel free to ignore the tag if it's not your thing, or if you already have done it!

Angie said...

Too cute!! What happened to the itsy bitsy babies? They are already growing up so fast! There is such a big difference between these pics and previous ones you've posted!! I love them!