Tuesday, April 1, 2008

We love babies!!! Babies love us !!!

I found this picture back a ways on my camera -- it is of Jon before the C-section. He brought his own OR cap to the hospital. He looks a little nervous to me.

This is Ella back in her NICU days -- when she had to be bribed to eat. Now we can't keep up with her growing appetite.

Edie and Ella with their BFF Ava Jane !!! She wanted a photo shoot -- they wanted breast milk!!!

Dr Weinert (on the right) and her medical assistant Jenny with Edie and Ella. Edie has her hand up as if she were saying -- "hey wait STOP -- I recognize her. She yanked me from my cozy warm fluid filled sac a couple weeks ago" and Ella, in keeping with her laid back nature is just bored with it all.

I just can't help myself with these snuggly photos !!!

And again !!!

And again !!!
I took the girls out by myself today for the first time -- BOTH OF THEM. It went well -- only had to feed and change Ella once and Edie slept the entire time. We went to my OBs office for a post op follow up. All is well!!! It seems that many people have a hard time believing that I am feeling so well so soon after having the babies via c-section. I guess that after carrying twins - especially during that last 9th month - having over 10 pounds worth of humans yanked from your abdomen -- oh sorry, I mean delivering 2 tiny bundles of joy -- seems like a cake walk. Hauling around the weight of the babies and ALL THAT EXTRA FLUID begins to take a toll on ya!!! I have lost 44 pounds so far and I feel GREAT.
Me and the girls took a stroll through the hospital today to see some coworkers and mainly to show them off -- because if you haven't noticed they are adorable !!! It is so funny to me how many people stop to look and actually say "oh are those twins?" I mean DUH!!! and "oh a boy and a girl?" -- I mean could I have anymore pink surrounding them. FUNNY STUFF !!


Angie said...

People are so funny... I guess the crazy comments will never stop - huh?

They are just precious and cuddly! I just want to snuggle them! I'm so happy that you're feeling great after that c/s - and taking them out alone today, you are super brave!! Good for you!

The Harvey's said...

WOW! You have a couple of "hotties" on your hands. Look boys, here they come. We miss you guys. Your photos are incredible. You all look so happy. We wish we were closer to share inyour excitement, but pics will have to do. We miss you both. Congrats again.
The Harvey's in MO