Monday, February 4, 2008

The Bedtime Shuffle

So picture this!!!

One Queen sized bed.
One husband – 6foot 2 and 200+ pounds.
One wife – 5 foot 2 and closer to 200 pounds than to 100. (back off there are three of me right now)
One German Shepard – 70 + pounds -- who thinks she is more than generous for sharing ½ of HER bed with her humans.
One whiny cat – small -- but also feels generous for sharing ¼ of his pillow with said humans.

Add to this – one large “snooggle” (that is a pillow for pregnant people that is quite large and in the shape of an S) and at least 5 other random pillows. Now for anyone who has been pregnant you can understand the need for “positioning” pillows. You can also understand the intense work involved in the positioning of these pillows in the middle of the night EVERY time you want to move!!! Each and every night I look forward to lying in bed because the weight of me and these babies is becoming a chore to carry around but the act of getting situated has also become quite a chore.
Lately – a typical night for me goes something like this:

Pee – even if I don’t think that I have to – but I usually always have to.
Organize sheet, blankets and pillows (we do not make our bed in the morning)
Climb into bed – sigh and catch my breath.
Put wrist brace on (I have this pregnancy induced arm numbness that fortunately mostly only bothers me at night and is relieved by this brace)
Fluff the bit of pillow that the cat has left for me – sigh and catch my breath.
Start out lying on my right side so that I can see the TV which helps me to fall asleep.
Somewhere between one and two hours later – decide to flip over to my left side – which is the side you are supposed to be on as much as possible.
Untangle snoogle, and throw pillows supporting my belly behind me, flip back the covers, get scolded by animals because they are trying to sleep. Roll over – this is literally a roooolll. Sigh and catch my breath, sigh and catch my breath, catch my breath --- aaahhh!!!
Situate snoogle and “positional” pillows. Adjust covers and oh yeah – just right! Settle in and realize – I HAVE TO PEE!!! And so I flip back the covers….. You get the idea. ALL NIGHT LONG.

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