Friday, February 1, 2008

31 weeks 0 days -- but who's counting ???

I have decided to start this blog because I have been obsessed with searching for other twin blogs and have had such a great time looking at pictures and reading stories! There is a great amount of comfort in knowing there are others out there -- and amazingly it does not seem to matter that those that I am finding comfort in are complete strangers and I have zero chance of even ever meeting them. Our entire family and most of our friends live in Alabama and Louisiana and I thought this would be a great way for everyone to keep up with us and these baby girls.

So my husband Jon and I have been married for 4 + years and are expecting 2 baby girls very soon. Our official due date is 4/4/08 but since we are having twins our goal is 37 weeks which will bring us to 3/14/08. We have made it to 31 weeks as of today and all is well!!! It is amazing how well this pregnancy has gone -- not even a day of morning sickness. I have gained 35 pounds so far -- well as of last week anyway. I will brag no more so as not to jinx myself since I do have over a month remaining and things can change quickly!!! I will be the first to say that our girls are two of the most adorable girls that either of us has ever seen (even though they look like tiny aliens on ultrasound)!!! We love them and are patiently waiting to meet them -- hopefully no sooner than 37 weeks!!!!

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remorji said...

My wife and I have three and it is wonderful to know you are starting a family. One piece of advice, don't buy toys! Our children was amazed at everyday items like cups bowls paper...