Sunday, February 17, 2008

First packed bag

Well -- the babies have their first overnight bag packed and ready to go. I do realize that I have a few weeks before the bag is needed but it was something to do and it was fun!!! I have many appointments this week -- 3 of them on Tuesday. One is an ultrasound so that we can check their status (we do these monthly) -- we will get an updated weight which is very exciting. I am guessing they are each over 4 pounds and hopefully fairly close to 5 pounds by now. That is EACH which means 8-10 pounds of baby inside of my ever growing belly. I have decided that Edie (aka TwinA) may be a cyclist -- hopefully not a circus unicyclist -- because she has a move that feels like pedaling. Unfortunately -- it's right on my bladder and she practices it VERY often. It does not hurt but I have had more pleasant sensations.
My emotions are all over the board these days.....

I am excited -- we have wanted this for a long time and these babies are already so loved.
I am nervous -- I mean really, two tiny little people are about to be totally dependent on us and only us to survive. I know they are already totally dependent on me right not to survive but it seems effortless at the moment (well not completely effortless) my body is doing all the work.
I am tired -- yes I know this will not end when the babies are born BUT it does not make it easier. I have this carpal tunnel that is common during pregnancy and it HURTS. It mostly bothers me at night and for the past several nights has gotten worse. The only way to relieve it is to sit up in bed which makes it hard to sleep. I wear braces which no longer seem to help.
I feel huge -- I have 2 pair of pants that are comfortable to wear -- of course neither are attractive -- just athletic pants. My maternity jeans fit but are far from comfy!! I have moved into XL shirts -- fortunately they are not tight. YET.

So I wonder -- since the uterus is a muscle and mine is huge right now -- does that mean I have a muscular abdomen??? Like a six pack??? Just a dumb thought to prove to you that I have WAY too much time on my hands these days. I will write baby stats Wednesday after our ultrasound.

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