Thursday, February 28, 2008

We have a birthday !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We have set a date for the debut of little Edie and Ella. On Monday March 17th they will arrive to join the St. Patty's day festivities!!! 12:30 sharp!!! Sorry for the "eye trick" shirt -- it may give you a headache. A few weeks ago the swirls were less confusing because it wasn't so tight BUT since these girls are plumping up the belly is making room for them.

And -- as you can see Rubi is bored with the whole baby thing!!!

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Carrie & Brook said...

Hi. Thanks for finding out the REAL story behind the cookies. I was sure there was something behind the name. I used to get Cooking Light and I remember readers would write in with recipes, etc. They do sound very good! Although I would much rather use lots of butter than applesauce. :)

March 17th! Isn't it a bit crazy to have a DATE? I mean, it's great...but, NOW YOU HAVE A DATE!?!? It's a bit freaky!

Good luck and I'll be checking back for pictures of your little cuties!